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Floor Sanding – Local Floor Sanding In Copenhagen

Floor Sanding - Local Floor Sanding In Copenhagen

Do your floors need a loving hand, and are you looking for an experienced company to help you with floor sanding in Copenhagen? Then Gulvkbh is the obvious choice. We have extensive experience in floor sanding in Copenhagen – and with many years of experience in sanding floors at private individuals, companies, housing associations and institutions in the Copenhagen area, we are a good card to have on hand.

Old floors may look new

In Copenhagen, there are many apartments that have worn wooden floors. Floors that, after many decades of wear and tear, have become tired to look at. There are many who choose to have new floors laid when buying an apartment. It is not always a necessary expense. The floors can easily look new if they are sanded and get the right treatment afterwards. Old wooden floors are in many cases made of solid wood and can therefore easily withstand being treated.

Therefore, a floor sanding is a good investment

When you as a homeowner choose to have a Gulvafslibning done, this will help to improve the overall impression of the home significantly. Although old apartments have their charm, the vast majority are still more interested if the floors are freshly painted.

It helps to breathe new life into the home and at the same time significantly improve the overall impression. If, for example, you have sales thoughts, it can be a really good idea to have the floor sanded, as this can raise the strike price because the home looks nicer. The amount it costs to have the floor sanded will in most cases be significantly lower than the price the apartment will increase by.

How to perform a floor sanding

When we at Gulvkbh perform a floor sanding of your home, this can be approached in several different ways. Typically, we will initially carry out a rough grinding using a machine. Subsequently, the floor will be gradually sanded finer and finer so that a neat and smooth surface is obtained as an end result.

How much your floor needs to be sanded, or whether a planning is needed, will always depend on the specific floor type and the condition of the floor. It will always be a matter of assessment what is needed, and we of course provide knowledgeable and professional advice throughout to ensure that you as a homeowner get the absolute best result!

Competitive prices for floor sanding in Copenhagen

At Gulvkbh, great emphasis is placed on ensuring that you as a homeowner get the absolute best result from the work we perform for you. Whether you need help with floor sanding in Copenhagen of a larger or smaller area, we are always ready to give you a helping hand with the work, so you are guaranteed the absolute best solution – and of course always for a fair and reasonable price.


If you want to take a closer look at our prices for floor sanding in Copenhagen, you can take a look at our prices here.

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