Five benefits of using technology in the classroom

The days are gone when books were the only source of information and knowledge available to students. The landscape of content and resources has broadened so much that children understand where to find a solution to a query. The dimensions of classrooms have embraced and accepted technology to impart education to students.

It is easier for educational institutes to make a difference in learning by opting for an interactive approach. However, some teachers still believe that technology harms students. But looking at the good side, skill development and intelligence broaden a child’s horizon and offer them better opportunities.

Not all schools have been able to integrate their teaching methods with modern EdTech; however, the Indian schools in Dubai are taking path-breaking steps to help students excel and get familiar with the world of technology. Most of the international schools in Dubai welcoming ex-pat Indian students have a curriculum to have a more profound emphasis on the holistic development of students and possess top-notch technology in the classrooms to make a difference.

All the IB Schools in Dubai use high-end technology inside classrooms because they have understood the dynamic value of digitalization since it is a gateway to a newer realm where the future would be much better than the present. Dubai Indian School have led the way to stand parallel to the educational institutions in tech giant countries like Japan. That’s why time and again, they preach the benefit of introducing technology in the classroom.

This article will articulate the specific benefits for any IB School to introduce technology inside the classroom.

Five benefits of bringing technology inside the classroom

Several schools still operate with the traditional analog study material like notebooks, sticky notes, books, etc. Since these schools lack funding, students do not get better exposure. However, with international schools in Dubai, children get their due chance of better education. For a better future for your child, you must understand the benefits of technology taking over traditional classrooms:

Prepares students for a digital future

The most significant advantage of Edtech learning is a step closer to the future. Technology will become a substantial part of our lives in the coming years, and the next generation will join the workforce in leading organizations. That’s why schools need to equip them with technical skills early and teach students inside the classroom by involving tech like digital whiteboards, iPads, etc.

Implements a different way to learn

The same old teaching and learning technique does not do any good if it is not presenting a child with a better future. However, since the time technology was introduced inside the classroom, every child learns in a much more interactive way. They can explore the different branches of knowledge in a fun way. Even more so, students can implement their learning and utilize it in the future for job opportunities.

Making it easier for the faculties

Technology in education has made the teaching experience for teachers much more seamless than before. The automation feature of the software inside the classroom helps teachers upload their lessons whenever they want, and students get the freedom to learn at their own pace and time. On top of everything, teachers can quickly assess students based on their learning, and in addition to that, parents can keep track of a student’s learning.

Increasing the productivity of students

Productivity and interest go hand in hand for a child to perform well in their studies. So when it comes to technology such as Learning management systems inside the classroom, students engage more in studying and finding out things that interest them. Hence, they automatically become more productive. They instantly find access to all kinds of knowledge and improve their cognitive ability.

Technology is a revolution for humankind and making the future better. So you need to introduce your child to this revolutionary change and prepare them for a world where innovation would make several impossible breakthroughs.


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