Five Beautiful Tapestry Designs

Across the globe, wall tapestries are quite popular in home decor. Nowadays beautifully printed, nicely fabricated, luxury design tapestry is surely an interesting way of doing the interiors of the house. If you are planning to buy a cotton wall hanging in a beautiful Indian or modern print then go for the Mandala tapestry options which are surely the topmost choices to try. From ancient times tapestries have been used as decorative items in churches, buildings, and homes by different cultures. The tapestry wall hangings look historical as they are designed from various cultural backgrounds. Today tapestries are utilised in unique and different ways. If the weaver has the particular skills to create a wonderful tapestry artwork then many exquisite styles can be used. Those who are art enthusiasts and interior decorators enjoy the advantages of tapestry art forms. Tapestry arts that belonged to the mediaeval period were traditional and created from wool. Today the colours and dyes which are used to make tapestry have undergone improvements. Hence it is quite easy to buy true replicates of traditional tapestry designs that are found in the churches or museums of many European countries. In modern times wall tapestry has the benefits of many different blends of the latest and improves fibres. In this article, we will see five beautiful tapestry designs.

  1. Mandala Tapestry

This one is the best for home decor as the authentic ethnic printed cotton tapestry is in luxury design. This peacock mandala tapestry is a gorgeous traditional pattern that is perfect for any party or home decor which will come in several ethnic colours. This kind of tapestry is also a symbol of spiritualism, it’s a unique way to represent the universe. This kind of Mandala art is the most preferred type of tapestry. This kind of design also adds positive vibrations to your home.

Five Beautiful Tapestry Designs

  1. Elephant Tapestry:

Elephant Tapestry

This one is the traditional tapestry design that will fit perfectly in your bedroom. This classy elephant print with intricate design for enthralling interiors. In this design, there is a wide variety of ranges. Which are differentiated in categories. There is so much innovativeness in this kind of tapestry. It grabs all the attention due to the Rajasthan theme. This kind of tapestry will add colorfulness to any boring wall or room. Many people need this kind of tapestry to add a lot of vibrance to their decor.

  1. Tree of Life Tapestry:

Tree of Life Tapestry

Tree of Life tapestry design is one of the most popular designs of all time. This style comes in different combinations of colors such as tie-dye and batik prints which will match your interiors. This design also comes in various sizes from small to huge depending on what kind of effect you want in the room. This kind of tapestry will complement your decor as it will fit in any style of interior. You can also use it as hanging decor outside your home or at the entrance. Can also be used as a bedspread, table cloth, ceiling cover, or curtains. It will add that extra refreshing charm to your decor.

  1. Celestial Sun Moon Stars Planet Tapestry:

Sun Moon Stars Planet

This marvelous design of celestial sun and stars planet tapestry will give you superb effect to your decor in the room. If you are fond of stars and planets then the design is definitely for you. This design tapestry can be used as a bedspread or as a wall hanging in your room. If you want to add that subtleness to your room then you can select this kind of tapestry pattern. It will add more room and space to your decor.

  1. Bohemian Tapestry:

Bohemian Tapestry

This hippie-style crazy pattern of tapestries is a fun way to express the luxuries of the room. It is a superb way to add happy print on boring walls. These wall tapestries are available in different cool colors and styles. You can select the best combination of hippie style tapestry according to your taste of decor it will add maximum texture to your wall.

There are many other styles of tapestries are available in the market you can select according to your taste and budget. There may be confusion to select the tapestry as many varieties are available in the market. However, you need to stick to your preference. There are many online or offline tapestries available you can trust to online stores as they are having a wide variety of stocks from many vendors. 


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