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Fildena Double 200mg is the most grounded substitution (nonexclusive) of Fildena 100mg. Contains a similar dynamic fixing as Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Fildena Double 200mg

Fildena Double 200mg is the most grounded substitution (nonexclusive) of Fildena 100mg. Contains a similar dynamic fixing as Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Dynamic Fixings:

One tablet contains 200mg of Sildenafil, two times as much as Viagra.


The suggested introductory portion is a Fildena 100mg tablet before sexual movement. On the off chance that the impact of such a portion isn’t adequate, then expanding the portion to a 200 mg tablet is important. Utilizing the item at least a few times a day isn’t fitting.

The impacts of the item happen with adequate sexual excitement. The readiness is definitely not a sexual enhancer. The impact of the item happens thirty minutes to an hour subsequent to taking the item, on account of green it is as of now following 10 minutes. This time is longer on the off chance that the item is taken together or soon after a feast.

The impact is 5 hours. Drinking a lot of liquor prior to utilizing the product isn’t suggested. Liquor and greasy food varieties lessen the impact.

The item should not be utilized by:

Patients who have had a coronary failure or have other heart issues, high or low pulse, or have unfortunate blood coagulating. Any individual who has a hypersensitive response to sildenafil.

Anybody utilizing meds containing nitric oxide or nitrates, which are utilized, in addition to other things, in specific instances of angina pectoris (chest torment). Among the most normally utilized nitrates are dynamite and isosorbide dinitrate.

Assuming you experience the ill effects of angina pectoris and you are uncertain about whether the medications you are at present taking relate to any of the abovementioned, counsel your PCP prior to utilizing the item.

Suggestions for older patients:

Old patients ought to begin treatment with the base suggested portion (50 mg/day).

Suggestions for patients with kidney or kidney infection:

People experiencing serious kidney or kidney sickness ought to utilize the item with alert, beginning therapy with the base suggested portion of 25 mg/day.

The readiness isn’t reasonable for synchronous use with drugs containing nitrates or equipped for delivering nitric oxide and with arrangements containing isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate.

The utilization of the item with different medications working closely together requires the endorsement of your going to doctor, particularly assuming that you are taking cimetidine, erythromycin and ketoconazole.

Incidental effects:

Similarly as with most prescriptions, aftereffects can happen and are normally gentle and transient. Migraine and facial flushing are normal. Opposite aftereffects that happen once in a blue moon yet have been accounted for incorporate heartburn, dazedness, nasal clog, and vision impacts.

In the event that you end up with an erection that endures over 4 hours, you really want to promptly see a specialist. Store the tablets in their unique bundling, at a temperature not surpassing 10-30 ° C

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