Farmers fight for crop protection in Haor

The dam is breaking again, the farmer’s cry is increasing. In the second phase, the dam of Tanguar Haor is overflowing due to the slope of the hill. The Bagmara crop protection dam is also broken. Boro paddy of several thousand hectares of land in four haors is under threat. Meanwhile, farmers in Netrokona are afraid of losing their crops due to rising river Dhanu.

The struggle of the farmers of Sunamganj is not over. Farmers have been working to protect crops for the last 15 days. But the last was not saved. In the second phase, water is flowing into the crop land by flooding the dam of Gurmar Haor in Tanguar Haor area. The Baghmara crop protection dam is also broken.
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Raihan Kabir, Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Tahirpur in Sunamganj, said that the water level in Tanguar Haor has increased a lot. Being damaged due to water and due to yesterday’s storm. Due to the environment, it is not possible to build a dam here.

Meanwhile, the water of Dhanu river in Netrokona is flowing 10 cm above the danger level on the hill slope. Therefore, the Water Development Board has suggested to cut the paddy quickly.

Lal Mohan Saikat, executive engineer of Netrokona Water Development Board, said that all the paddy that has ripened in the haor should be cut quickly without any delay. We have a monitoring team. If there is any problem somewhere, we have to inform the monitoring team immediately.

According to the Department of Agriculture, 1 lakh 60 thousand 201 hectares of land in Netrokona has not been harvested yet. Which will take another 8 to 10 days to cut.

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