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Farm Work In Australia: What Apple Picking Is Really Like

Apple Picking Jobs

What is apple picking jobs, and what does it involve? Apple picking is a popular autumn tradition in the United States. It involves going out to an orchard, usually in rural areas, to pick apples. There are many different ways to do apple picking, including using a tractor, horse-drawn wagon, or even on foot. Apple picking usually lasts three days and involves a lot of walking. Some people also enjoy eating the apples that they pick.

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The Benefits of Apple Picking: Why would someone want to do this Job?

The apple picking season is one of the most popular seasonal jobs in the United States. Many people enjoy picking apples because it is a fun and relaxing activity. There are many benefits to being an apple picker, including reducing stress, getting exercise, and making some money.

One of the primary benefits of apple picking is that it can be a great way to reduce stress. Apple picking jobs can be very tiring, but it is also a fun and enjoyable activity. The sound of apples falling from the trees can be relaxing and satisfying. In addition, apple picking can be a great way to get exercise. It is estimated that someone who picks apples for an hour every day will burn about 200 calories.

Another benefit of apple picking is that it can make some money. Apple picking can be lucrative, especially if you are able to pick large numbers of apples quickly.

The Job itself: What are the requirements for apple picking?

Apple picking jobs is a seasonal job that requires physical strength, stamina, and the ability to work long hours in the cold weather. The typical apple picking job includes harvesting apples from orchards, sorting and packing apples for sale, and loading trucks with apples.

Some of the requirements for being an apple picker include: being at least 18 years old, having a valid driver’s licence, being able to pass a criminal background check, knowing how to operate a tractor or loader truck with a bucket capacity of at least 20 gallons or more, having good hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity, having good oral hygiene skills because you’ll be eating lots of apples, and being willing to work long hours during harvest season.

The Reality of Apple Picking: How hard is it, and what are the hazards?

Picking apples by hand can be strenuous and dangerous, with the potential for serious injuries. Here are some tips to help make your apple picking experience safe and successful:

1. Wear appropriate clothing and gear to protect yourself from the hot sun, wind, rain, and dirt. Bring a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks, and insect repellent if necessary.

2. Use a ladder or a scaffold if you need to reach high-up fruit trees. Be careful not to fall; ladders can easily tip over if not properly secured.

3. Keep an eye out for slippery surfaces such as wet leaves or mossy bark; avoid stepping on them!

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