What Should I Do to Fix The “Sorry, This feature isn’t available right now” Facebook Error?

Sorry, This feature isn’t available right now

Facebook is a platform which has bought the world closer to each other and that too without even costing a single penny. But since, it is such a huge platform it is possible that users face issues while accessing it or some other issues related to Facebook. Recently, people are getting a pop error message of ‘Sorry this feature isn’t available right now’ on their screen on Facebook. 

In this blog we are going to discuss about this issue and are going to see what all ways can help the users to fix this issue. Error of can’t use feature right now represents login error of Facebook which does not have a strong cause or reason. But there are few reasons which we could figure out which might be causing this error for the users. 

  • Inappropriate behavior on the Facebook platform

If you have done something which are not allowed by Facebook then you might face error of facebook you can’t use this feature right now because by using it Facebook is temporarily banning you from using services of Facebook. 

  • Sent too many messages and friend requests 
  • Sent too many identical or same messages 
  • Somebody reported your account 
  • Your account is looking spam and suspicious to Facebook

To fix this you can only wait till Facebook lifts your ban so that you are able to access your account and avoid doing inappropriate things which are mentioned above in the article for you to be safe from ban in the future 

  • Issues with the browser or the Facebook app 

If you are getting error of you can’t use this feature right now then another possible reason behind this could be old versions of browser or Facebook app which you are using. If your browser on which you are accessing Facebook or your Facebook app is not updated to the latest version then you will face this error. So, you need to get the latest versions of the app or the browser which you are using so that you do not have face these errors again.

Along with this, if you are also looking for recovering disabled Facebook account and don’t know how to do that, just read the article.

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