Exploring and observing local birds

Exploring and observing local birds

Did you have the knowledge that Chicago is located in one of the most important migration routes for birds in North America? Our natural areas are important rest areas for birds on their travels. There are many species that reside here all year long. Arizona Birds  Visit this page to find out more about our native species and learn ways to begin your own bird diary within our

Our research goal was to establish if poliovirus

was present in people who had beak defects in birds apart from the Black-capped Chickadee. The sample size was small because the specimens were collected by chance and, as such consequently, our conclusions are therefore only a fraction of the total sample.

Particularly important is the absence of control specimens from the other species, as we had no available for testing at the time of the study. But, the absence of evidence in poecivirus in negative control specimens from Black-capped Chickadees suggests that the positive results in the recently examined species are not due to contamination from the lab. Furthermore, the discovery of 202 nt of differences between the poecivirus strain

found in the Red-breasted nuthatch

and the Red-breasted Nuthatch, confirmed by Sanger data and next-generation sequencing data further confirms that this is an individual virus specimen. We have also demonstrated evidence of presence of the virus within other species of birds, families, and even orders of birds, a screening of larger amounts of individuals from each of the species

which includes individuals who have no clinical evidence of AKD is required to establish the connection between poecivirus and beak abnormalities among these animals. Cloacal and buccal swabs for testing individuals for infection is an effectiveand non-deadly method to test Black-capped Chickadees for the presence of poecivirus (Zylberberg and co. 2018). However, the effectiveness of these strategies must be tested in other species. A viral challenge of healthy people suffering from poecivirus is required to establish the significance of poecivirus as a cause of AKD.


We would like to thank Lisa Pajot, Rachel Richardson, Diana Dumais, Sonja Ahlberg and The Bird Treatment and Learning Center, US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Wildlife Services as well as people in the public who helped in the collection of specimens.Do Birds Have Ears   We are grateful to Danielle Gerik for assistance in managing the release of data that is associated with this report. Sarah Sonsthagen and James Angu

s Chandler have provided valuable comments to earlier drafts of this paper. The funding was provided by an National Science Foundation postdoctoral research fellowship (M.Z. ), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (J.L.D. ), the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub (J.L.D. ), and the US Geological Survey Ecosystems Mission Area (C.M.H and C.V.H.). Any use of firm, trade or product names is intended for descriptive purposes only and does not mean any endorsement from or the US Government news.

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