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Everything to know about metal prints

In recent times, metal prints have been increasing as a gift option. The development of metal crafts from the spectacular kingdoms of Australia to the modern homes celebrating the beauty of everyday objects is widely appreciated. 

These photo prints’ appealing and luminous look has become one of the most preferred home decors. Metal prints in Australia, also known as metallic prints, are high-definition art pieces made on a sleek metal panel.

The metal panel is usually aluminium with any image of the customer’s choice. Metal prints are made available by the businesses in Australia to the customers within the country and also beyond. So, wherever you are, you will get your memorable pictures as fantastic display pieces.


What is a metal print?

A metal print is wall art with a gleaming and contemporary appearance. Businesses print the photo on aluminium with a white base coat that enhances any colour’s vibrancy put on the metal print. These metal prints are resistant to fading, moisture, and scratching, making them an ideal choice.

One of the best features of metal prints is frameless, which helps establish a personal style. Moreover, it also gives a clean and modern look. Secondly, the durable material and the professional finish give it immense longevity.

Features of metal prints

Metal print’s process magnifies the images and enhances their beauty. It comes with multiple surface finish options like brushed metal surface, actual colour surface, glossy finish, and accurate colour surface.

The brushed metal surface helps showcase the metallic elements by muting the image colour. It has a silver basecoat to give this look. You can pick up the vibrant colour option when you want the image to pop up. In this process, a whitecoat is used, which does all the magic.

Pick up the glossy finish when you wish for a vibrant and crisp appearance. This feature can be integrated into the other options as well. Lastly, a matte finish is also available for all other options. It focuses on giving a subtle look.

Different kinds of metal prints 

A wide variety of collections is available to choose from. Most of them provide every type of HD and DHDs.

HD metallic print

It weighs light and appears thin making it easy to fix, transfer and refix. The HD quality reflects the flawless colours and details of the picture. It will remain forever as it is highly durable.

3DHD metallic print 

It is akin to the traditional wall prints in shape but possesses the qualities of metal prints with superior picture quality, scratch resistance, and a glare-free look.

UV Metal Print

Out of all kinds, it is the most durable print, and so it is recommended for outdoor use. The ink and colours in this print are UV resistant.

How Are They Created?

The technical name of the process of making metal prints in Australia is called dye sublimation. In contrast to the traditional method of printing directly on the surface, which may easily be damaged, dye sublimation infuses the image into the hard coating to provide long-lasting durability and protection.

The first step is to print your image on paper transfer media on a giclee printer using specific sublimation inks. The print will resemble a flat-coloured mirrored reproduction of the original.

This sheet is then taped to a blank metal photo panel and subsequently heat-pressed. Sublimation inks become a gas as a result of heat and pressure. The gas is later absorbed through the metal’s polymer covering pores and the base coating. The pores will close, and the metal surface stabilises as the metal cools.

Therefore, if you are in the idea of making any moment memorable, gifting someone special, or decorating your home, the above information will help you make an informed decision regarding the metal prints.


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