Evaluating the Benefits of a Mini-PACS System

In a recent survey conducted by IMV Medical Information Division, radiology departments in the U.S, it was found that over 183 million of million X-ray procedures were conducted during 2010. This is nearly 30 percent more than the records of the year 2005. So we can say that the popularity of radiology information systems or simply say the X-Ray examination is increasing. And the future of this technology is likely to be shining. In modern days, advanced technology takes the toll of making things much easier to conduct, process, and manage these examinations efficiently. This is the time to introduce the Mini-PACS system here as this is a great example of this high level of efficiency at work. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss everything about the Mini-PACS systems as well as the benefits associated with the technology. So let’s begin.

What Is the Mini-PACS System?

Also known as a picture archiving and communication system, a Mini- PACS system is a highly advanced solution that offers the perfect combination of top-notch software and online resources to provide offline and online archiving of healthcare records. According to the specialists in the field, the

PACS software was specifically designed to work in third-party workstations. It also comes with a user-friendly interface with a variety of DICOM modalities such as:

l X-rays , l MRI, l CT scans, l Angiography

The goal is to allow the healthcare professionals with accurate DICOM images.

Should you have a Mini-PACS System

When you are in the healthcare industry and aim to take your facility to the next level of success without dealing with the hassles involved in handling the medical records of patients, you are sure to love using Mini-PACS systems. With a comprehensive mini-PACS system, there is no more need to use film for diagnostic imaging scans. As a result, you will save a lot of your time as you need not spend money or time on purchasing or storing films in the physical form. The Mini-PACS systems offer your staff members the ability to access patient reports, results, and image scans quickly and with very little difficulty.

There is no need to spend countless hours dealing with paperwork, organization, and processing as the mini-PACS system can help you make the most of your time and use that time wisely by reinvesting it into caring for your patients. Thanks to the latest technology available with the radiology information systems, you can minimize the chances of processing duplicate images. At the same time, you can also generate a chronological view of radiology histories for patients using the PACS software.

Benefits of using a Mini-PACS System

When it comes to talking about the benefits of using Mini-PACS systems, there’s quite an extensive list. But, we have researched identifying the most amazing benefits that can help you make a better and more accurate choice.

Enhanced Viewing & Analysis

One of the most common benefits, which is also the driving force behind the popularity of Mini-PACS systems is the advanced digital imaging functionalities it offers to the healthcare facilities. This allows you to easily zoom in on pictures for a better look and offer a better healthcare solution to the patient. At the same time, the system also allows you to customize the images in a way that offer better viewing and analysis.

Improved Management of Data

For healthcare professionals or radiologists, the management of data has always been a matter of concern. Most hospitals used to have separate store rooms to ensure the safety of the physical images of diagnostics as well as records of healthcare treatments provided to patients. Well, the Mini-PACS system is the problem solver here when it comes to saving time on managing the data. Since it is capable of keeping electronic records of the results, the number of duplicate images is reduced drastically.

Instant and Convenient Access to Patient Images and Reports

Are you a radiologist and do you find it difficult to get your hands on the precious records to offer healthcare services for better results? If yes, then you need not worry anymore as this radiology information system is the right choice to make as this provides healthcare professionals as well as radiologists with quick and easy access to patient reports and images. So, you can have all the tests performed anywhere since the images can be easily shared electronically.

Chronological Management of Data

According to the specialists in the field, the best part about using a Mini-PACS system is that it allows physicians to get a chronological measure of patients’ medical history. In simple words, this system allows doctors a more accurate and effective diagnosis in a shorter amount of time.

Extremely Easy to Use

When you are a busy healthcare professional, you are sure to not have time to manage those hard-to-use systems or have time to learn the skills to use them. This is the reason that using Mini-PACS systems is a growing popularity among healthcare professionals across the world. A hassle-free and easy-to-use interface is the best part about using a PACS system, which comes with a centralized and accessible database and the ability to organize and store image data. These advanced systems also come with the features like image generation tools, which are helpful in improving the accuracy of analysis and diagnosis.

Final Words

As you can see, PACS systems come with highly advanced technology and amazing features that can help enhance the quality of your healthcare facilities such as the ability to access the patient records easily with a single click using cloud storage or the ability to customize scanned images for better analysis. This is one of the best choices that healthcare professionals or radiologists can make to grow their healthcare facilities while ensuring to save a lot of time for their team members. Bring this highly advanced system to your facility and you are sure to gain amazing benefits.

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