Establishment of a T-shirt shop

If you want to start your own t-shirt business, you are not alone. The good news is that there is plenty of room for new t-shirt shops every day. To get you on the right track, I will soon reveal the 4 most important steps in the process of designing your new t-shirt street-shirts have changed the way we tell the world who we are, what we think and how we feel. The shirts were originally created as a modified version of 19th century Union clothing, and the 셔츠룸 were useful as washable underwear. In the 1960s, poster designer Warren Dayton changed the purpose of the dress and turned it into a political pop phenomenon. Today, the market is open to any design or idea that can be printed on a brand new T-shirt. What would you say

  How would you say that?

Regardless of the angle, there is a common denominator; the plan must be printed somehow. There are many methods used to print T-shirts, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. However, when you start your own business, it determines the initial capital you need to start your own business

  • Some less common techniques are Resist-Fuming and Hand Painting
  • Step 3 – Who’s Telling You?

In any business, you need to know who your target

Market is. You need to decide who will buy your shirts. To better understand the market, you need to decide whether your message should be political, religious, social, entertaining, pastoral, propaganda or artistic. Once you’ve decided which category you want to be attractive in, you can share your plans with friends and ask them for feedback. Ask them directly, “Did you wear a shirt to wear it?” If they say yes, ask why. If not, ask why. Take the information back and let it influence your future plans. Remember, you have to sell someone to sell something. Even if you like the design, it’s not profitable if no one buys it.

 Where do you want to sell?

Oh, yes, a question about age … Well, it’s not really old, it’s still a few decades or so. Do I sell online or want to open a physical store? In fact, we all want to see the racks and shelves full of the plans we hear on the door when someone comes to a room scented with fresh ink and cotton to buy our custom-made shirts. . But we also want to operate for more than 3 months and earn some money during that time. It’s up to you right now, but I’d recommend trying new orders much faster and easier if you start online and then move to a regular store over time if you like. Or if you want to open an online exhibition 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no hours and huge profits without rent, stay online and roll out the dough.

Once you have set the direction

For your business in these four areas, you are ready to start your own business. If you ignore these four areas, you will be wandering in uncertainty and your business will probably never grow again.

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