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Essential Home Cleaning Checklist

Whether you’re relocating, moving into a new apartment, or just organizing your house, these cleaning essentials remove stains, dirt, grease, spills, grime, and so much more.

Maintaining cleanliness and making the process as simple as possible requires the use of right tools. If you’ve ever tried cleaning up messes without proper cleaning products, you know how frustrating it can be. But these cleaning essentials will make sure you’re prepared when the inevitable happens (and trust us, it will).

So, to prepare you for the cleaning, let’s look at some of the essential house cleaning tools you will need:

Tools for general cleaning

The right cleaning tools offer convenience and utility in your cleaning chores. When you buy cleaning supplies for the first time, you can go for the less expensive products, but you should upgrade your cleaning supplies when you get the chance.

The cleaning tools you will need vary depending on the place you’re living in. As each city and state has its characteristic climate, making sure that your house remains sparkly clean, you need to buy tools as the clime dictates.

For instance, if you live in Houston, TX, buy products that are suited to its hot and humid climate. You will also need dust-wiping products on a regular basis.

You should regularly wipe your appliances and furniture to remove the dust that accumulates on the surfaces. To avoid the spread of any diseases, we recommend that you get your home cleansed by professionals every once in a while.

However, if you’re worried about your possessions sustaining damage during the cleaning process, you should move the belongings out by searching for storage Houston, if you are in the Texas state.

Now let’s take a look at the general home cleaning tools you will need.

Vacuum cleaner

Even if your floors aren’t carpeted, you still need to vacuum them from time to time. Not enough space or money for a compact model? Consider buying a handheld vacuum, also called a dustbuster,which you can use to get rid of pet fur and other smaller dust particles.

Cloth made of microfibers

Surfaces like stainless steel and glass are better cleaned with microfiber cloths. Purchase a few, and wash them regularly by hand for optimum hygiene.


Your cleaning chores might not require a bucket every time, but having one handy is still useful for deep cleaning. If you are not using buckets for any other purposes, you can use them as containers for your cleaning products.

Dustpan and broom

A dustpan and a broom can come in handy if there is dust, dirt, fur, or other debris on the floor that can be easily wiped and taken out without having to turn on the vacuum.

Flat Mops

If you’re tired of the unruly and standard mops most people use, consider getting a flat mop instead. However, when it comes to mopping pads, you can make one yourself if you don’t like the ones in the market.

A pair of rubber gloves

You should invest in a good set of thick rubber gloves to protect your hands from cleaning solutions and grime. Also, they should be durable and offer more protection when compared to conventional gloves. While you are shopping for gloves, grab a second pair for your kitchen needs, so you can protect your hands when washing dishes.

An extruder

You can prevent soap scum from building up on the tiles in your shower by keeping a squeegee. In addition, the suction attachments on many of squeegees allow you to attach them to a wall so they can be used whenever necessary.

Holder and toilet brush

The toilet bowl is easier to clean with a bristle toilet brush. You’ll save money and the environment by purchasing a reusable one and replacing it every couple of years or when necessary.

Solutions for Cleaning

Other than essential cleaning equipment, you also need specialized cleaning solutions to keep your house in the best possible shape.

Using water only won’t do the trick when looking for a deep clean. Whether you choose natural or standard cleaners, you’ll need good ones to get the job done.

Therefore, to help you choose the best cleaning solutions, we’ve provided both natural and artificial cleaning solutions that you can use to thoroughly clean your house.

A multipurpose cleaner

An all-purpose cleaner that can be used on multiple surfaces is among the most necessary cleaning products that you can own. Spraying and wiping with a cleaning solution is all you will need to get rid of dirt, grease, and stains.

Window cleaner

You can effectively clean glass surfaces with the window cleaner without leaving any streaks or smears behind.

Cleaner for wooden surfaces

A surface cleaner designed specifically for wooden surfaces ensures that your furniture and other wooden belongings are protected from damage.

Antibacterial sprays or wipes

Antibacterial cleaning products keep your home germ-free by disinfecting and sanitizing. Use it in combination with a multipurpose cleaner, particularly in germ zones, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Bleach for cleaning tiles

Showers and bathrooms tend to accumulate soap scum, grime, mildew, and mold. Bleach helps remove accumulations of this kind from the tiles. Handle bleach with caution, and keep widows and vents open to avoid choking on the fumes.

Cleaner for toilet bowls

To maintain a clean toilet bowl,you will need a bleach-based bowl cleaner. Get the one that clings to the surface and doesn’t just drip down. Scrub with a toilet brush to achieve a clean-looking bowl.


The acid in vinegar is excellent for dissolving oils as well as getting rid of dirt. Vinegar functions as a disinfectant (but is not as effective as chemicals). It can be used for quick cleaning.

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda can absorb and remove odors. If you are bothered by some unpleasant odor emanating from the carpet or from the waste baskets, keep a container of sodium bicarbonate in the fridge.

Final Words

Home cleaning isn’t as difficult as you might think it to be. Armed with the right set of tools and cleaning essentials, you can efficiently get the job done in no time. We hope this list of home cleaning essentials will help you keep your house sparkly clean in the future.

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