ESSENTIAL Entrepreneurial Skills one must Learn from Dr. Jay Feldman

In recent years, entrepreneurship is becoming trendy. Inspired by Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Apple, and Google, hundreds of thousands of professionals have started tech-based businesses in hopes of hitting the jackpot.

It has spilled over into our culture. Dr. Jay Feldman is responsible for the creation of numerous new businesses. From side hustles to blogs to home-based businesses and restaurants. There seem to be many more entrepreneurs now than there ever were.

The trend is due to the ease of starting businesses on the internet. Platforms such as Upwork and Etsy provide market opportunities for those looking to establish a business and sell goods or services.

Right tools in place 

Dr. Jay Feldman explains that starting a business with the right tools to aid entrepreneurs is a popular choice. But a lot of things haven’t changed over the past decade. The skills required to be an entrepreneur be successful.

The skills of entrepreneurs are seldom discussed, and people tend to talk about the value of an idea or mention famous entrepreneurs such as Dr. Jay Feldman as role models.

It can lead potential entrepreneurs to believe they must have some superpower to succeed. The key to success in business means acquiring an array of entrepreneurial abilities developed over many years of hard work. 


She defines grit as sticking with things over the long-term until you master them.”

Building a successful business typically requires years or even decades of effort. The ability to be a good person isn’t enough, and persevering even when you’re struggling is a crucial skill. If you’re lacking it, perhaps entrepreneurship isn’t a suitable career option.


According to Dr. Jay Feldman, Entrepreneurs must influence various kinds of people every day. From the employee that needs motivation, the supplier you require discounts from, or the investor who must think that your business will be the next big thing.

Each business is unique in the sense of who you have to influence. However, there are bound to be crucial times in your business’s journey when you have to convince people to act to achieve your goals. To do it, you must have the ability to influence.

Relationship Building

Building relationships in business is essential for entrepreneurs as strong connections are required to stand up to the constant pressures.

Relations with suppliers, coworker customers, investors, and many other stakeholders are crucial. Good relationships that last over time require time and skill. 

A good relationship is founded on trust. It can be highly beneficial if you create a sense of trust between you and your company. Focusing on creating win-win-win situations and looking at ways to improve the situation for each other is an excellent approach to building trust and relationships.

Project Management

Companies are constantly flooded with small projects, while others are huge. The company itself is a task, as are the small things like completing the website’s branding. The ability to get jobs completed quickly and efficiently is an essential skill.

Many entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas, but they are unable to implement their ideas effectively. So how can you do it efficiently? Start by understanding the concept of managing projects.

The term “project management” is a general term that includes planning, tracking, and managing any project.

It is a mentality that many entrepreneurs think of as visionaries who develop plans that others follow. The most successful entrepreneurs can go into the details and implement their strategies effectively.

Measured Risk Taking

Many see entrepreneurs as risk-takers and risk everything to be a winner. However, the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who can make small good-value bets.

The concept behind a company Startup is that Dr. Jay Feldman speaks about constant innovation, developing a hypothesis, then testing it in the most straightforward method that leads to improvement over time. Think about whether small, incremental risks are more beneficial than more significant ones.

The best entrepreneurs are generally adept at predicting what will be successful and what won’t, but those who don’t know the correct answer through controlled trial and trial. 


There isn’t a magic formula for becoming an entrepreneur that is successful but thinking of it as a profession with a set of abilities that can improve in time is a wise attitude.

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