Email Services Without Phone Number or Email Verification

Email Accounts Without Phone Number or Email Verification

In today’s time privacy has become one of the major concerns of people and this is the reason why people are now unwilling to provide their personal details on the internet or on different sites. 

This is why the users are looking for email that doesn’t require phone number and in this blog we are going to provide the users with some of the emails which they can use which will not ask the users to provide their phone number.

Emails which the users can use which do not ask for phone number – 


Proton mail does not ask the users to provide their phone number and allow the users to create an account without phone number. 

The email service has a simple and easy interface which makes it easy for the users to access it and also the users do not need to worry about their safety as this platform is a secure one. 

This email service was founded in the year 2013 in Switzerland, and since then it is providing end to end encrypted mails service to its users. 


Tuta nota is an email without phone verification which the users will useful and helpful as they can create an account here without even giving the phone number. 

This email service can be accessed by the users on any device they want like on android or on iOS, also the email service provides the users with the storage of 1 GB. 

The best part of this email service is that it is free of cost and the users will not need to pay even a single penny for this email service and can access it for free of cost on their device. 

Yandex mail 

Yandex mail is also a good option for the users if they are looking for email services which they can access without any phone number. 

The users can also create an account on this platform free of cost and they will also get the email address and the domain name they need without paying nay charges. 

The users will get a huge storage of 10 GB on this platform for the users which they can use to store any data they want. 

Onlinehubb is a platform which the users can access to know more about such email services which do not ask for phone numbers or any phone number verification while creating an email account. 

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