Email For Personal Or Business Use


Email, or electronic mail, is the most efficient way to handle your business, professionalize yourself, and reinvent your brand.

Do you need a personal email address or are you looking for business email services?   Both are similar, but managed very differently.   If you need a personal email, often it’s easy to just create a Gmail or Yahoo email account.  There are services that allow you to build emails using vanity domains, so you could create [email protected] or [email protected]

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If you need email for your business, you can use what I described for personal use, but that is not super professional.   It’s best to find an email service provider that will host your domain, which will allow you to create email addresses similar to [email protected]  Many providers will provide tools to allow you to view email on your computer, tablet, phone and on the web.

Email is built to provide the most efficient way to exchange messages with consumers, employers, family, etc. It is a comprehensive tool that reduces the cost of relaying a message, increases the speed of messages received and sent, and creates a “written record” of correspondence between you and another individual. The advanced synchronization of email allows real time communication and asynchrony so that each party can control and work on their own schedule independently while still adhering to group standards and procedures. When working with or communicating with folks abroad, email provides a clean, organized template for fast communication. Email is far less expensive than having to meet someone abroad, send mail, and communicate over the phone.


Like physical mail, which is linked to an actual physical address, emails are linked to an email address.  You may be familiar with the more common email address formats, google mail ([email protected]), microsoft outlook ([email protected]) , yahoo mail ([email protected]), as these are the bigger, easier to register email addresses.  Unlike Physical mail, you have the option to create your own email address.  There are some limitations, such as the address needs to be unique, which means that you will not usually be able to get an email address in the format of [email protected] etc.  This is why you will see email addresses that are a name or title followed by a string of numbers or symbols ([email protected] or [email protected]).  When using the free email services your options are restricted when it comes to your address.


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