Eid Yatra: Worry about the road from Elenga to Bangabandhu Bridge

The 13-kilometer two-lane road from Elenga in Kalihati to the east bank of Bangabandhu Bridge on the Dhaka-Tangail highway will play a role in creating long traffic jams, said transport drivers and passengers.

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Every year on this road the suffering due to the long traffic jam created by the people centering on Eid reaches its climax.

Due to the low incidence of the epidemic, after two years, people are now getting the opportunity to celebrate Eid with their families. Given this reality, Tangail District Police Traffic Inspector Eshrajul Haque thinks that the traffic will be heavier this time than at any time in the past.

“The highway up to the eastern link of Dhaka-Tangail-Bangabandhu Bridge is very important. Elenga is the northern entrance to the country from Chandra in Gazipur along this highway. The construction of six lanes in the 55 km section from Chandra to Elenga is 99 percent complete. Due to the six lanes, there is less traffic congestion on this road.

Apart from this, the ‘Gorai’ flyover area of ​​Gorai bus stand area of ​​Mirzapur is being opened for traffic before 28th Ramadan.

Roads and Highways Department Sasek Project-2 Manager Abul Barkat. Khurshid Alam said, “There is no obstruction in the normal speed of vehicles in this part of the highway.”

And the 13-and-a-half kilometer section from Elenga to the east side of Bangabandhu Bridge is still in two lanes, from here the vehicles get stuck.

Passengers who regularly travel on this highway. Fakhrul Islam said that due to the six lanes, it does not take much time to reach from Dhaka to Elenga, there is no suffering. But the road from Elenga to Bangabandhu Bridge is only two lanes. And the Bangabandhu Bridge is also two lanes.
“As a result, a large part of the six-lane vehicle got stuck in the two-lane road of Elengar. The passenger also complained that the traffic was jammed almost all the time while trying to pay toll on the bridge.”

Tangail District Police Traffic Inspector Eshrajul Haque also spoke about the problem of these two lanes. He said the speed of vehicles plying on the Dhaka-Tangail highway has been increasing since the completion of the work. But all the six-lane vehicles from Elenga to Bangabandhu Bridge have two lanes.

“There are 16 bridges in the 13-and-a-half kilometer road of these two lanes. No more than two vehicles can cross these bridges side by side. Besides, there are no dividers in either the road or the bridge.

It has been seen on the ground that the traffic congestion of this 13 and a half kilometers has increased due to two more reasons. Mymensingh-Jamalpur Link Road Highway 600 meters north of Elenga Bus Stand. And further north to the Elenga-Bhuapur Link Road. These two link roads are always congested with Dhaka and Northbound vehicles.

Bangabandhu Bridge East Police Station OC Mohammad said that all preparations have been made under the direction of the District Superintendent of Police to maintain the normal speed of vehicles on this part of the highway. Saiful Islam.

Besides, Shahjahan, the driver of the freight truck from Bogra, thinks that the misery will be doubled even if there is an accident including a car breakdown.
An official of the Bhunapur site office said that they are preparing to avoid the traffic jam caused by the slow collection of toll on Bangabandhu Bridge.

Ahsan Masood Bappi, an executive engineer in charge of the office, said the number of toll plazas on the bridge was nine, with medium and heavy vehicles entering through seven of them and only motorcycles through the other two.

Masood Bappi said, “There will not be much pressure of heavy vehicles this year. Besides, the pressure of vehicles will increase a lot during Eid. But we are ready. Hopefully, we will be able to make the journey of homebound people successful on Eid without any hindrance.”

The executive engineer further said that at least 12,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily during normal hours. Vehicle crossings increase several times before and after any festival.

However, Tangail District Police Traffic Inspector Eshrajul Haque sees ‘Sirajganj Highway’ as a bigger problem than Tangail.
Explaining the reason for this, he said that on the west bank of the bridge from Hatikumrul Golchatbar in Sirajganj to the northern districts if the vehicles do not move at normal speed, the Tangail border vehicles will continue to freeze, which will gradually reach long queues.
“However, we will continue to be on the road under the leadership of the district police superintendent to ensure that the Eid-ul-Fitr does not cause extreme misery to the homebound people,” the traffic official added.

On the other hand, Abdul Hai Babu, the driver of a microbus heading north from Tangail, thinks that at least nine places in the area of ​​at least 20 km from the west bank of the bridge to Hatikumrul Roundabout in Sirajganj are at risk before Eid.

Vehicles heading north can be paralyzed at any time if these hazardous areas are not made suitable for traffic.”

Tangail Superintendent of Police Mohammad Kaiser outlined a plan to reduce passenger suffering, saying the district police was preparing in advance for the 75-kilometer section of the highway in Tangail. More than 800 police including 200 APBN members will work on the highway.

Besides, the first 10 temporary toilets, iftar and sehri have also been arranged for the first time on the 13-and-a-half-kilometer road from Elenga to the east bank of Bangabandhu Bridge.

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