Eid drama with Tariq Anam and Mausumi, with Tousif

The drama ‘Before Getting Down’ has been created to be aired on a satellite channel on the coming Eid. The play is based on the story of father, daughter and son. Freedom fighter-actor Tariq Anam Khan has played the role of Baba Matiur Rahman in the play.

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His daughter Samia is played by Priyadarshini Mausumi and son Samya is played by Tousif Mahboob.Masum Shahriar has adapted the play based on the main story of Salauddin Vijay. The play is scripted and directed by Alam Anwar. It can be said that he is very young in drama production. Priyadarshini Mausumi has already completed the work of this drama before going to America.

Regarding acting in the play, Tariq Anam Khan said, ‘Mausumi and Tousif have acted with me before. However, this is the first time the three of us have acted in the same play together. We have tried very hard to do the job. Mausumi is undoubtedly a good actress, Tousif is also a good actor of this generation. Director Naveen, the whole team has tried to do as much as possible from his place. I hope the audience will like the play. ‘

Priyadarshini Mausumi said, ‘I like the story. That’s why I did the job with interest. Tariq Anam Bhai is a talented artist of this country. I have nothing to say about his performance. Acting with him gives you a chance to enrich yourself. And Tousif Lakshi is a boy. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. I hope the audience will like this drama on Eid. ‘

Tousif Mahboob said, ‘Tariq Anam Khan Sir is a pioneer in acting in this country. He is the pride of our Natangan in Bangladesh. I think it is a great privilege to be able to act with him. At the same time, I got the opportunity to work for the first time with my very favorite heroine Mausumi Apur, again in the role of younger brother. He seemed to love me like a little brother. ‘

Tariq Anam Khan said that in the meantime he has acted in several web content. He has also acted in a play directed by LR Sohail. He will have a very busy time on the occasion of Eid. Mausumi will return to the country at the end of this month to finish dubbing the movie ‘Bhangan’.

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