Eid busyness has also increased in Namidami Tailors

Apart from Eid-made clothes, there is a huge demand for tailor-made clothes. Due to this, the busyness around Eid increased in Darjipara. Due to the increasing demand, besides the tailor shops of the neighborhood, various well-known tailors have also become popular. In addition to selling clothes, those who offer tailoring facilities, there is more buyer gathering. This Eid, these well-known tailors are selling well. Outside of ready-made garments, they also attract buyers.

The tailors of the capital have been visited, they are having a busy time. The artisans are working day and night. The target is to deliver according to the demand of the buyers.

In this regard, Shamim Hasan, owner of Today Fashion in Mirpur-12 section, told Jago News, “We have stopped taking orders since 15th Ramadan.” This time I got a good response. I hope I can make everyone’s clothes and pants before the moon. Making (wage) cost has increased a bit compared to last time. In some cases it has increased up to 50-100 rupees. Because the prices of other materials including yarn and the wages of the workers have increased. Due to this the cost of making has also increased.

Topten Fabrics & Tailors has 24 outlets across the country including Dhaka. Orders are still being taken in their tailoring section. The work of taking orders will continue for two more days. Even then, if anyone orders, it will be taken but delivery will be given after Eid.

Mahfuz, an official of the Mirpur-1 section of Topten, said, “In the next two days, we will actually be able to deliver before Eid.” After that, it will not be possible to give delivery before Eid.

Raymond also has more than 20 showrooms. They are still taking orders. After that they will not take any order to give before Eid.

Kabir Hossain, Rampura branch manager of Raymond Tailors and Fabrics, said, “If we come by today (April 23), we will be able to take Eid orders.” He also said that the order is less this year than last time.

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