Eid Bazaar – Recommendation to make sure that homebound people wear masks

Although the outbreak of coronavirus is under control in Bangladesh, the National Technical Advisory Committee has expressed concern over the increase in the number of infections in neighboring countries. Along with this, the committee has recommended the government to ensure the wearing of masks on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr while traveling, shopping and traveling home.

Besides, the advisory committee also suggested to motivate the people through the Islamic Foundation to ensure hygiene in Tarabi prayers and Eid Jamaat.

The recommendation was made in a press release signed by committee chairman Prof Mohammad Sahidullah on Monday (April 25). It said six recommendations were adopted at the 57th meeting of the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19.

The meeting was held on Sunday (April 24) at 10:30 pm by zooming in on the virtual platform. Chairman of the committee Prof. Mohammad Sahidullah presided over it. These six recommendations were adopted after a detailed discussion in the presence of committee members at the meeting.

Although the incidence of Covid-19 in Bangladesh is declining, the incidence of Covid-19 is increasing in various countries of Asia and Europe including neighboring countries, which is worrying. The National Technical Committee has expressed concern that if not warned now, the infection could spread in Bangladesh as well. In order to control the infection, it is necessary to follow the hygiene rules in all cases including wearing the mask properly and ensuring social distance. In order to create awareness, we need to increase publicity.

Even if vaccines are not given to those arriving in Bangladesh from countries where the rate of infection is high, it is necessary to ensure covid negative certificate and strengthen screening at the entrance of people in all ports.

Hospitals need to be alert to deal with Covid-19. For this, the Department of Health has to meet with the hospitals and give necessary directions.

An inter-ministerial meeting between the Ministry of Health and other ministries should be held and everyone should be asked to be vigilant in controlling COVID-19.

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