Eid Bazaar is in full swing, New Market in Kolkata is in full swing

And only a few days left. Happy Eid after that. After the fast of the month of Ramadan, it is time to rejoice in Eid. And so the preparations for Eid have already started. Markets and shopping malls have become more crowded. Every day, Muslims have started gathering in different markets of Kolkata.

However, the biggest crowd is in the New Market in Kolkata. Everyone from young to old is busy buying new clothes, bags, cosmetics and other things.

Newmarket in Kolkata, shoppers are ready to buy and sell all kinds of posara. Due to the epidemic, it has not been possible to do business in the last two years. Many people have become unemployed. But Eid shopping is not affected. He is buying things as much as he can.

Many people from Bangladesh are also coming to West Bengal as the Indian government has already issued tourist visas. Almost every day three to four thousand people are coming from Upper Bengal to Upper Bengal for medical treatment, travel and shopping.

Originally during Eid, many Bangladeshis come to West Bengal to enjoy different tourist destinations and to shop at the same time. A buyer from Bangladesh recently said, “We have come here to visit different tourist destinations.” With this we have come to New Market for Eid shopping.

A seller by the name of Vicky said that all in all, the sale is going on fairly. However, more expensive items are being sold less. He said that no such response has been received from the people of Bangladesh yet. However, the impact of the Eid market has begun to fall little by little. Vicky hopes that business will be better next year, no matter what happens this year.

Another seller, Mohammad Azam, said the market is expected to start rising slowly. Trading in the market will increase further next Saturday and Sunday.

Azia, a shopper who came to shop for Eid, said, “I have not been able to observe Eid like that for the last two years.” This time the Indian government has opened everything. So we can fully enjoy the joy of Eid.

Another buyer from Bangladesh, Sana, said that the fun of coming to New Market to shop is different. Because when you come here, all kinds of things are found in one place.

Md. Saidul, a garment seller, said, “We, the shopkeepers of New Market, rely a lot on Bangladeshi people during Eid.” That market has been almost closed for the last two years. Now some people are coming from Bangladesh and shopping. If this continues, he hopes that business will return to normal in the coming days.

New Market is appreciated by the people of West Bengal as well as the neighboring countries. Here, in fact, everything is at hand. From readymade garments to unstitched cloths, various cosmetics, shoes, bags, belts, dried food, fruits, flowers are all available at Newmarket. That is why New Market is known as a shopping paradise especially for the people of Bangladesh.

Although the price of fuel oil has not increased for a few days, the price has increased due to high demand for fruits in the month of Ramadan. Fruit seller Mohammad Omar said the price of each fruit has gone up. Supply is low but demand is high so ordinary people have to buy fruits at higher prices.

Apples are being sold at Rs 200, mangoes are being sold at Rs 150 to Rs 200. On the other hand, grapes are 100 rupees, lemons are 100 rupees, different types of dates are available for 50 to 3 thousand rupees. Besides, prices of watermelon, papaya and guava have gone up a lot.

Mohammad Omar said that the man who used to buy fruits for 300 rupees is now buying fruits for 150 rupees. People have less money so sales are also less. Again, many buyers are saying, I will do Eid Bazaar only once. So I’m not stingy. Either way, boys and girls have to smile.

In addition to clothes, a large crowd was also seen at various food stalls. People are shopping, getting tired and moving forward with some faces.

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