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The Dynavap Australia is a palm-sized dry herb vaporizer. Shea butter is a great method to take herbs and oils. This essay and video are intended to serve as an introduction to Dynavap vaporizers and the Dynaverse of experiences.

This Dynavap Guide covers:

  1. Configuring Dynavap
  2. Anatomy of a Dynavap Vapcap
  3. Upgrades and modifications abound.
  4. Heating Methods and Torches Induction Heaters
  5. Upkeep & Care
  6. Dynavap Starter Setup

The Dynavap vaporizer comes in four basic variants, with replaceable and upgradeable components.

Dynavap Vapcap M – The Dynaverse’s entrance key and the Dynavap’s entry level model. The Dynavap M is made of stainless steel, including the tip, condenser, stem, and mouthpiece. High-temp silicone o-rings secure the tip and condenser.

A water bong compatible Dynavap with a titanium mouthpiece and a hardwood midsection. The titanium tip links the mouthpiece. The Vong works with 10mm and 14mm glass joints.

The Dynavap Omni is 4.25′′ / 10.8cm longer than the M and Vong. The Dynaverse’s Cadilac. The Omni is made of titanium and has a twisted vortex condenser and adjustable airport. To modify the airflow, just twist the Omni mouthpiece.

Stems are all-glass, no condenser Dynavap BB Stems Seen through the glass nipples and balls before hitting your lips or a water pipe. The BB stems come in 3 and 6 bb varieties, with the BB3 being the most affordable at $63.

Dynavap Anatomy

The Dynavap is the Dynavap tip and Vapcap attached to a tube, or stem, for vapour delivery.

The Dynavap Tip extracts

Herbs or botanicals are put into this metal basin. The Dynavap Vapcap, or cap, tightens over the tip, closing the extraction chamber.

Many Dynavap types include a condenser tube within the stem. An extraction chamber condenser tube joins the mouthpiece. The airport hole(s) allow you to introduce fresh air into the extraction chamber by feathering a finger over the airport.

What is Dynavap?

The Vapcap Tip may hold.01 to.25 grammes of ground cannabis or nugs.

The Vapcap simply heats the sidewalls of the cap when put over the tip. Small butane torches and induction heaters are the most common heating sources, but a lighter can do. Listen for the extraction chamber and herb to reach vaporisation temperature while the tip heats. You can inhale and deliver vapor when you hear the bi-metal disc in the cap *CLICK CLICK*.

The Dynavap cap has two curved metal discs. They curl in the opposite way as they heat up and vaporize, generating the audible. Because there are two discs, expect two clicks. Depending on your heating strategy, they may be close together or far away.

Each cap is unique, as are the clicks’ temperatures. But they’re all alike!

Stem Upgrades & The Dynaverse

Dynavap is a subculture with its own market for upgrades and accessories. George and his Dynavap crew have always been supportive of the community and the Dynavap tip extension.

Woodturners in the dry herb vape community were the first to create unique Dynavap stems. Made by Phatpiggie, Ed’s TNT, and KG Woodcrafts.

Following are some of the benefits of aftermarket Dynavap stems.

KG Woodcraft Dynavap

They are popular because they can be customised. The vapour from certain wooden stems may have a little wood taste, while others are titanium or stainless steel coated.

Due to the absence of a condenser tube, glass stems produce the cleanest taste and vapour. Glass stems and nipples cool the vapour. As a mouthpiece, many glass stems feature a native male glass joint, making them suitable with bongs and water pipes.

Titanium Dynavap stems are a fresh addition to the aftermarket Dynavap stem world. With the Simrell Vortex and the Mad Heaters REVOLVE cooling stem, vapour cooling and style are elevated. Anodized titanium provides another layer of creative expression to the stem possibilities.

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