Donna is a Rajya Sabha member, not Sourav Ganguly

The speculation of Sourav Ganguly or Gangopadhyay joining politics is nothing new. It started again after Indian Home Minister Amit Shah went to Saurabh’s house for dinner. But now the new speculation has started again. Neither Saurabh nor his wife Donna is going to be a member of Rajya Sabha very soon. However, neither Saurabh nor Donna has spoken to the media about this. However, this speculation has now spread in West Bengal politics.

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According to BJP sources, Donna will be sent to the Rajya Sabha in the seat vacated by Rupa Ganguly. The vacancies of a few MPs nominated by the President in the Rajya Sabha will be filled soon. Among the few names that are being heard in that vacancy, the names of donors from West Bengal are circulating in the Gerua camp.

Twelve members of the Rajya Sabha can be nominated by the President. Those nominated are represented in the fields of literature, science, art and social service. Like Saurabh, who captained the country in cricket, Donner is also known as an Orissan dancer. So either one of the two can get this honor. Earlier, Rupa Gangopadhyay, a journalist nominated by the President from West Bengal, and journalist Swapan Dasgupta went to Parliament. Everyone will be looking at what happens this time.

The Central Government recommends the names of these nominated MPs to the President in accordance with Article 70 of the Constitution of India. In other words, the central government actually decides who will be a member of the Rajya Sabha as a Member of Parliament nominated by the President. Since Amit Shah himself went to Saurabh’s house for dinner, there is a possibility that BJP will send Saurabh or Donna to the Rajya Sabha. Although yesterday Saurabh did not say anything about coming into politics. But Donna says. He said, ‘It is people’s job to speculate. If something really happens then people will know. However, I can say that if Saurabh enters politics, he will do good for the people.

On the other hand, Sourav said about Donna, ‘Donna’s decision to enter politics is entirely his own. But when it comes to politics, he will do well.

Naturally, there is a lot of speculation in the state politics about the Gangopadhyay couple.

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