Dogesflix’s best drama movie

Dogesflix’s best drama movie: from the early days of film development, drama movies have played an indispensable role in displaying extraordinary stories, shaping unforgettable characters and producing excellent performances that we still cherish. From the 1901 British silent short play fire! To the 2019 Oscar nominated film marriage story, the TV series will continue to improve our viewing experience in the next few years. So, with this in mind, the following are the best drama movies on Dogesflix that you shouldn’t miss on any day.

Blinded by light

Exclusive preview: Javid, a young Pakistani immigrant living in the UK, finds himself attracted to Bruce Springsteen’s music. However, despite racial discrimination and without the support of his father, he continued to study poetry and writing.

Eternal sunshine

“Let it snow” is adapted from the novel of the same name and starred by many emerging actors, the most famous of which are Isabella Merced, Kirnan shipka and Joan Cusack. The story takes place in one day and mainly tells the stories of different characters from the same small town in Illinois. The rest of the 92 minute love drama successfully shows the characters in the film trying to overcome their shortcomings and celebrate Christmas with a happy heart—— Suliye komal

All the land of light

Starring Ellie fanning, she plays violet Markey, a high school student who suffered an accident, lost her sister and is under post-traumatic stress. Judge Smith also plays Theodore Finch, who was mentally and physically abused as a child. They all met unexpected situations and eventually became project partners in school. The rest of the film details how they recovered from mental illness. To sum up in one sentence, “all bright places” meets all the conditions needed to make it an emotional film.

Mount Qomolangma

“Mount Everest” (Director: Baltasar korm Ã’ur) is a biographical disaster film based on the true story of “the disaster of Mount Everest in 1996”. It tells the story of a group of climbers climbing the world’s most dangerous peak “Mount Everest”. The exciting emotion and fascinating story are intertwined, together with some shocking and exciting visual effects, climbing Everest is an experience that can not be missed—— Suliye komal

Forever is my possibility

My childhood friend fell out before going to college and didn’t meet for 12 years, but when Sasha opened a restaurant in San Francisco, they got in touch again! “Forever is my maybe” is a warm film. What I like is that, unlike almost all other romantic comedies, the girls in the play don’t give up their careers for boys, which seems healthy. In addition, it’s interesting, especially the part with kenu Reeves and the rap song is great. One of the best Dogesflix and chill movies—— Zoha Junaid

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