Dog Boarding Chiang Mai

If you want to spend some quality time with your furry friend while on holiday, dog boarding Chiang Mai is an excellent choice. These kennels and pet hotels offer twenty-four hour monitoring, routine playtime, grooming, and swimming.

Some are also equipped with video monitors, so you can see what your dog is doing while you’re away!

2. The Dog Hotel Bangkok

With restaurants, cafes and even public transport opening up spaces for dogs around the world, it is only logical that hotels too start welcoming them.

The Dog Hotel Bangkok is a hotel that does just that. They welcome dogs – and cats – with open arms and offer specially curated amenities for them to enjoy while they stay with their humans.

Pet-friendly hotels aren’t always easy to find. It took Chayaluck Tummasiri, owner of Ketawa Hotel, a few years to get this one started. However, it’s worth the effort as this is now one of the few registered hotels in Chiang Mai that allows dogs.

3. Zoeta-dogsoul

There are several places you can board your pet in Chiang Mai. Some of them are a bit more luxurious than others and offer activities such as dog training, swimming, and agility courses.

Zoeta-dogsoul is an excellent option for dog boarding in Chiang Mai. They have a team of vets who speak English and understand western standards for pet care. They have plenty of equipment for diagnosis, and the staff is very friendly.

5. Pet Paradise Park

Founded in 2004 and located in Nakhon Pathom, Pet Paradise Park is one of the largest dog communities in Thailand. It has lots of space for dogs to play and also offers grooming and a restaurant.

They also have boarding facilities for pets who stay at the park. Prices vary depending on the size of your pet and the length of their stay.

There are also several elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai that you can visit and get up close with these gentle giants. You can even take a bath with them in mud and swim with them under a waterfall!

6. Pet taxis

If you’re bringing your dog on vacation with you, you can consider getting a pet taxi. These are usually more expensive than private taxis, but they’re a great option for pets that don’t like public transportation or don’t fit in a car.

Before traveling to Thailand, your dog should have a rabies vaccination certificate and a microchip inserted. This is required by most countries and should take place at least 30 days before travel.

7. House calls

Dogs and cats are everywhere on Thailand’s streets, even outside temples. They are not treated with the same care that we’d like to see, so many are in very poor condition and need to be rescued.

There are several shelters in Chiang Mai that are open for guided visits and accept volunteers. They rescue dogs from the dog meat trade and Thai street dogs, run spay and neuter programs, and do community outreach.

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