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Do you also make these 6 mistakes for skin care in winter?

In winter, people often make some mistakes in their skincare, which makes the skin become more lifeless and dry than healthy. Learn, which mistakes should not be tried at all in the name of Winter Skin Care.


Winter Skin Care Mistakes: Our skin is most damaged in the winter season. Many types of problems such as dry skin, itching, itching, lifelessness, and rough skin are disturbed. People try many treatments to cure all these problems. In the process of taking care of their skincare and extra care, people make some mistakes, which makes the skin more unhealthy. Those people should not be negligent in skin care during cold days, whose skin is dry skin. In the winter season, the skin should take care of more than in the summer season, but also avoid adopting the mistakes mentioned below. We are telling you about some such mistakes, which should not be tried at all in the name of Winter Skin Care. Skin care clinic in Dehradun that provides specialist services in face and body care. We are dedicated to the aesthetics of the skin and everything that goes with it.


1. Use of summer skin products in winter for skin care

You should know those beauty products are also made according to the weather. Often people start using winter skin products in winter and summer. This method is absolutely wrong. If you use gel moisturizer, then replace it with mild moisturizer or else your skin will be dry, like in winter.


2. Not using sunscreen for skin care

Most women or men are those who think that sunscreen should be used only in summer because the heat is sunny and burns skin, but it is not so. Even in winter, the rays of the sun can cause damage to the skin (Sardi Me Twacha Ki Dekhbhal). In such a situation, whenever sunlight comes out in the winter season, apply sunscreen while going out of the house.


3. Powder 

The powder is usually used to keep the skin refreshed during summer days. However, some people also apply powder on the face, which can cause skin dry care. Women use liquid-based makeup products instead of powder.


4. Hot water use

Bathing with hot water in the cold also makes the skin dry (Winter Skin Care Mistakes). Hot water steals the natural moisture of the skin, making the skin even more lifeless and dry. If you have to take a bath with hot water, then try not to put it on the face. Facial skin is more delicate, and sensitive than the skin of other parts of the body. Use light hot water for bathing.


5. Petroleum jelly on lips

Some people apply petroleum jelly to cure torn lips, giving them moisture, but jelly provides moisture to the lips, and it makes the lips drier. It is better that you use lip balm and moisturizer used in winter.


6. more caffeine consumption

In the cold, people start consuming tea and coffee too much to keep themselves warm, which is not good for skin health. The caffeine present in coffee dehydrates the skin, causing skin-related problems such as itching, itching, and skin dryness.

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