Do not come to test China’s defense capabilities

Do not come to test China's defense capabilities, Beijing warns Washington

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe declared Taiwan an integral part of his country. At the time, he said, Washington should not come to test how strong China’s defense capabilities are in defending its own interests.

Wei Fenghe made the warning in a telephone conversation with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Wednesday.

The Chinese defense minister said Taiwan is part of China and no one can change this reality.

Do not come to test China’s defense capabilities

Feng said the Chinese military would protect the country’s integrity and sovereignty at all costs, and that the United States should not ignore its capabilities.

He further added that any attempt to resolve the Taiwan issue in an unacceptable manner would have a devastating effect on Washington-Beijing relations. He also warned the United States against using the Ukraine crisis as a tool to threaten China.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is following the policy of former Republican President Donald Trump regarding China. At a time when China considers its bordering island of Taiwan to be an integral part of its territory, the Biden administration is providing billions of dollars in arms to Taiwan.

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