Difference Between Bodyguards and Security Patrol Services?

Private protection is sometimes provided by bodyguards and security patrol services, but their roles are very different. Private protection is sometimes provided by bodyguards and security patrol services, but their roles are very different. A security guard protects property and people in their physical space. But a bodyguard offers personal safety to a particular individual. The individual may be a government official, celebrity, or wealthy executive. A bodyguard doesn’t aim to prevent crimes. But ‌to keep a particular person (sometimes referred to as the “principal”) out of harm’s way.

Before hiring a security service, you need to think. Whether you need security just for you or your family and property, for this purpose, you need to know about security guards and security patrol services because both are different. If you do not know what service you should opt for, ask professional security guards in Sydney. Any experienced security guard can tell you what service you should opt for.

What is a bodyguard?

Technically, a bodyguard is a security guard whose duty is to protect a specific person or a group of people. Usually, a bodyguard is asked to ensure the safety of celebrities and VIPs. A bodyguard scans the area for any potential danger. Moreover, they maintain the distance between VIPs and the crowd.

Who may need bodyguard service:

Many people may require a bodyguard. If not to protect themselves, then to preserve something worthy. Following is the list of people who could hire a security guard:

  • Celebrities
  • VIPs
  • Politicians
  • People who have threats
  • Millionaire
  • Govt. officers
  • Any popular person

What is a security patrol service?

Security patrol is the service that a security company provides. They have to protect the area or group of people. In this service, one guard or a team of security guards offer complete security. 

Typically, this type of service provides many forms of protection. Their services include protecting location and premises.

Types of bodyguards and security patrol services: 

Security patrols are classified into many groups and people who work in a security company. A bodyguard is also included in this definition. Typically, security patrols refer to individuals tasked with protecting a particular site or premise.

Security patrols do not protect individuals, as it is the core of their job. They do but are not specially tasked to provide exceptional security. For example, there are two main types of security patrol; one is foot patrol. While the second is vehicle patrol. Both types of security services provide duty in their areas. They protect area-wise people, properties, construction sites, etc.

The types of bodyguards are below:

  • Arm and unarmed bodyguard
  • Retail bodyguard
  • Personal bodyguard
  • Industrial bodyguard

Bodyguard vs security patrol service:

There are several differences between bodyguards and security patrol services. When you know the difference, you will hire better security for yourself.


Bodyguards and security patrol services both have experience. But there is a vast difference between their services. Both services are well-experienced, but bodyguards have more expertise than others. Bodyguards have experience in providing personal security. Security guards, on the other hand, provide public safety and are efficient.

2.Training and skills

Bodyguards have more proper license training than the security patrol service. Security companies hire security guards and provide them with training. To become a bodyguard, one needs adequate education, skills, and training. Bodyguards get more arduous training than security patrols. Security patrol services are not adequately educated enough; they hardly communicate effectively. Other than security skills, bodyguards possess all kinds of different skills. They can go above and beyond to provide personal security.


According to the competence, bodyguards are more professional than security patrol service. Their behavior, judgments and skills are far better than security patrols. In contrast with the security patrol, bodyguards can communicate effectively.


The average cost of bodyguards and security patrol services is not the same. A bodyguard provides more efficient duties than a security patrol. Thus, the bodyguard costs more than the local security patrol. Bodyguards charge according to per hour. The average per hour rate of a bodyguard is $75. But it usually depends on what ‌services you need.

On the other hand, security patrol services get their monthly salary from companies. Their wages depend on the scale or position. Often their cost is less than bodyguards.

5.Broader scope

The security guard must find the threat and report it to the other person. They cannot take immediate action. Bodyguards, on the other hand, do direct action. They provide safety if they smell any threat from a specific person or anything.


Bodyguards and security patrol services both provide a level of security. But there is a vast difference in their skills, experience and training. The scope of both fields is different. Thus, if you need personal security, you can hire bodyguards. But if you need to secure an area or public group of people, hire security patrol services.

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