Dhalis Amber Nibas Resort for leisure

Want to spend the holidays with family? Want to spend a decent afternoon with green and beautiful? Want to enjoy Josna on the shores of Lake with your family? Want to enjoy sunrise-sunset from a little rural environment?

Then come, Dhalis Ambas Nibas Resort. A modern and luxurious resort has been set up at Sirajdikhan in Munshiganj keeping the village environment intact. This densely forested resort in the Ichapura area of ​​Baherkuchi in Sirajdikhan will quench the thirst of any village. The chirping of different birds, the cooing of the cuckoo, and the words of the wife will wake you up.

Not just individuals or families, you can easily have a family day or picnic with at least 10/20 thousand people here. Built on 100 bighas of land, the resort has two large fields and stages, a huge swimming pool and activities with clear water, tidy roads and various works of art inside, a pool made of blue wood and a hanging bridge and a huge lake. There are ponds and ghats. Boating facilities have also been set up there.

You can enjoy the beauty of this resort by buying a ticket for 250 rupees. Or you can spend the night in the 99 rooms at the resort. Here you have to pay 6 thousand to 45 thousand 990 rupees for each room.

The huge resort has not yet been officially inaugurated. Many installations are still under construction inside the resort. There is no shortage of nature lovers at this resort.

Nazrul Islam, founder of Dhalis Amber Nibas Resort, said, “We always try to make people feel comfortable coming here.” The only resort in Bangladesh with family is Dhalis Amber Nibas.

He said there are separate swimming pools for men and separate for women. No drinks are allowed here. Dancing-insanity is not allowed. We are building a convention hall where football and cricket can be played. The convention center here can accommodate 6,000 people at a time. 10 thousand people can do the program effortlessly. I am arranging parking for 3 thousand cars. 100 buses can be put together here.

The founder said, “I take care of the food items of the resort myself.” Serve 100% safe food. I use external oil all the time. The food that is cooked here, I sit down with everyone and eat the same food. Eat for this, so that the test is not wasted.

It is learned that there is a day long package during the day stay here. Where there is entry, swimming pool and buffet lunch. For this you have to pay 1,650 rupees per person. In addition, the Winter Special Package includes Buffet Breakfast, Buffet Lunch and Evening Snacks. For this you have to pay 2,350 rupees per person. It will not be included. However, if you include the swimming pool, you will get a discount of 100 rupees. You can use the swimming pool for only 800 rupees in the swimming super deal offer.
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The ‘Night Stay’ package includes entry, parking, swimming pool, morning breakfast, Wi-Fi and room service. The resort has a total of 99 rooms. You can spend the night in any of its rooms.

Different rooms are rented every night

Cottage: 8 thousand rupees per night. Room 4

Deluxe: 10 thousand rupees per night. 20 rooms.

• Super Deluxe: 12,000 rupees per night. 20 rooms.

Dhalis Exclusive: 14,000 per night. 20 rooms.

Family Cottage: 24,000 rupees per night. However, if you want to take a room in that cottage, the rent will be 6 thousand rupees.

Water Lily Supreme: 12,000 rupees per night. Room 5

Water Lily Premium: 18,000 rupees per night. Room 2

Water Lily Suite: 22,000 rupees per night. Room 2

• Lutus: 16 thousand rupees per night. Room 6

• Right apartment: 45 thousand 990 rupees per night. Room 1

Lake View: 16 thousand rupees per night. Room 6

Field view: 12 thousand rupees per night. Room 6

There are a total of 99 rooms in Dhalis Amber Nibas. There is also car parking, kayaking, huge swimming pool, tree house, restaurant, kids zone, lolly, picnic, corporate program or family program. There are helipads, playgrounds, canteens etc.

The way to go

Located on Ichapura Road, Baharkuchi, Munshiganj, just 50 minutes away from the capital. From Gulistan, get off at Nimtali of Mawa Expressway or get off at Chhanbari Bus Stand of Srinagar Upazila, take CNG autorickshaw and get off at Baharkachi.

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