Detained for speeding: Driver says ‘going to girlfriend’

A man was driving like crazy on the open road. At one stage he crossed the prescribed speed limit. He was finally arrested by the police. But the answer he gave in the interrogation made the police members look up. The driver claimed that he was going to see his girlfriend and had broken the speed limit due to love.

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Maybe not unimaginable, but the police did not pay attention to this over-romantic response of the driver. He had to go straight to court. The incident took place recently in the Thames Valley in the United Kingdom.

On April 18, Thames Valley Police said in a Facebook post that most of the drivers were driving safely. However, a few have been stopped due to some allegations. Such as- speed limit violation, reckless driving, not being in complete control of the vehicle.

Thames Valley police later said a driver was stopped while driving at 102 miles per hour. He says he went to see his girlfriend and was forced to do so out of love.

The Facebook post then shares a song by rock music legend Mitt Loaf, which means ‘I’ll do anything for love, not just that!’ By saying that here, the police meant speed violation.

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