DC The Don: Personal Information and Discography

DC the Don, whose real name is Daijon Davis is a basketball rapper. DC The Don belongs to Milkwaukee. He lived there with his mother till the age of 16. After that, he moved to Los Angeles where he continued basketball playing. Meanwhile, he moved to the world of music and left professional basketball. 

The tendency of basketball players toward rapping is common. The famous Damian Lillard has done many ventures of singing and has presented a song with Lil Wayne. 

DC The Don has something different than other basketball rappers. The other basketball players that did rapping in their free time were not as expert as DC the Don. 

Style of DC the Don:

DC the Don is a rapper of high-tempo beats, as his song “GMFU” goes on upbeats. It is a soundtrack lasting for 90 seconds with immense energy. The “Kill Streak” is also a remarkable one. It keeps changing unevenly. DC the Don is the king of high-energy beats. 

The Most Popular Song of DC the Don:

The most popular song of DC the Don is “GMFU”. It has 1.5 million plays. 

Highest views:

DC The Don has got five of his songs on World Star Hip Hop. All these songs had more than 500,000 views. 

Preferences of DC the Don:

DC The Don has proved that he is smart in preferences. His career is in the beginning and he is wisely choosing quality over quantity. His talk in interviews reveals that he prefers quality work and quantity isn’t the thing to run after. 


DC the Don is busy making good deals with various groups. Recently, he signed a deal with Run Music LLC. The famous “Come As You Are” presented a different style of DC the Don. 

DC The Don has few songs in his career but his love for music seems to drive him further on the way to success. 

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