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The DaVinci IQ is a compact and lightweight portable vaporizer whose functionality will astound you. This animal has incredible intelligence. IQ produces premium vapor, may be linked to a mobile app, and allows for the customization of inhalation settings. The ceramic vapor route ensures an exceptionally pure vapor flavor, and the temperature is easily adjustable. Learn more about how to maximize your Da Vinci quotient here!

Get the vaporizer ready

Always fully charge the battery of your DaVinci IQ Vaporizer before using it for the first time. If you want to ensure improved battery performance in the future, waiting the three to four hours is time well spent.

Burn it in first before putting it to use. Turn on the IQ but don’t load it up, then hit the Boost button to get the vaporizer up to its maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius. You should give it a few minutes to work so that any leftover materials from production are evaporated (e.g. some grease). In this manner, you may ensure that every puff of vapor is delicious.

Herbs in the DaVinci IQ

The herbs in the DaVinci IQ are heated by conduction from the vaporizer’s walls. If you want the best effects, use finely ground herbs and pack them snugly into the chamber. As a result of the increased surface area of contact between the herbs and the hot walls, a greater quantity of vapor is generated.

To fill the chamber, only 0.3 g of herbs are required, but as much as 0.5 g can be crammed in there if you crush and squeeze it. Crush the herbs thoroughly, but don’t squish them too much or you’ll impede your ability to breathe while inhaling them. Make sure there is no breathing room in the chamber and that it is completely full.

Instructions for operating the vaporizer

You can turn on your DaVinci IQ by pressing the button on its side. The battery life can be checked by looking at the LED diode’s brightness. Once the temperature reaches the last programmed level or the Smart Path is reached, the heating will turn off automatically. Right now, you may pick between the Boost mode, Smart Paths, and Precision Mode, all of which allow you to inhale at a specific temperature (heating at the maximum temperature).

The DaVinci IQ will vibrate to let you know it has reached the set temperature. Using this method, you can conceal a vaporizer in a pocket until it is ready to use, then pull it out.

The DaVinci IQ can produce vapor regardless of how long you inhale, however the longer your inhalations are, the more vapor will be produced. As an added bonus, this vaporizer does not require any unusual breathing patterns when in use.

You can add fragrant herbs to the Flavor Chamber and inhale vapor that is infused with their flavor. We really recommend peppermint. It is possible to take the chamber apart entirely, albeit doing so will significantly reduce the temperature of the vapor inside.

Using a specialized program, you can define your own Smart Paths, which is something you should try doing. Determine the initial, final, and halfway temperatures for your vaporization session. As an illustration, the IQ may be set to raise the temperature from 80 to 190 degrees Celsius in 2 minutes, and then to 200 degrees in the following 6 minutes. While this is merely an illustration, it does highlight how convenient it is to design your own Smart Paths. There is a cap of 4 available modes.

DaVinci IQ can be hooked up to a water filter or a bubbler through its convex mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has a 10 mm female cut, but with a 14 mm or 18 mm adapter, IQ may be used with virtually any water pipe or bong on the market. The DaVinci IQ has a removable, 3500 mAh 18650 battery. Having a spare battery and an external charger on hand can cut down on the amount of time spent charging significantly.

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