‘Daddy, my legs have been blown off, give me a slap in the face’

Mobinul Haque has just joined the BM Container Depot at Sonaichhari in Sitakunda, Chittagong. One of his legs was blown off in the blast at the depot. However, Mobinul called his father immediately after the fire broke out in the depot. He said that one explosion after another was happening. He later told his father to forgive him, saying he had lost a leg in the blast.

He told his father on the phone that his father was exploding here after a while. My legs are gone. Then the phone rang. Father Faridul Haque was speechless when he heard his son screaming on the phone.

Even then he kept the phone in his ear for a long time waiting to hear the boy’s voice. But no, son Faridul did not communicate with his son on the phone after the line was cut.

Mobinul’s father Faridul Haque got worried after receiving the news from his son at night. He came to the city from Banshkhali at night. Unable to communicate with the boy anymore, he sent his nephew Farhad Hossain and other relatives to the hospital to get the news. They came to Chittagong Medical College Hospital on Saturday night and identified Mobinul’s body. Mobinul’s body was the first to be identified among those killed in the blast at the BM container depot in Sitakunda.

Mobinul’s father Faridul Haque said that he (the boy) was shouting on the phone – the father is getting blasted here after a while. Mominul called for the second time and said, “My father has lost one of his legs.” Give me the word. This is his last word with me.

Dishahara Faridul further said in his son’s show, I am all over!

Mobinul recently graduated in economics from Mohsin College in Chittagong. Then he took a job at BM Depot. Their home is in Chhanua of Banshkhali. After the job, the wedding was going on.

Mobinul’s other cousin Tayeb also works at BM Depot. He said Mobin used to work at the ICT counter. He may have had an accident when he went to see the fire.

Meanwhile, the death toll from a horrific explosion and fire at a container depot in Chittagong’s Sitakunda has risen to 49, said Chittagong Civil Surgeon Dr. Elias Chowdhury.

A fire broke out at BM Container Depot in Sonaichhari area of ​​Sitakunda on Saturday (June 4) at around 9 pm. While working on fire control, a container containing chemicals exploded with a loud noise. More than four hundred people were injured. They include depot workers, local residents as well as members of the police and fire service.

Most of the injured were brought to Chittagong Medical College Hospital at night. Besides, many were admitted to other hospitals in Chittagong. Several died at the hospital. Among the dead were eight firefighters.

Also on Sunday (June 5) morning, several bodies were recovered from the site of the blast. Thirty hours after the fire broke out, it did not come under control at around 3:30 pm on Sunday. 25 units of fire service are working to put out the fire.

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