Crows could be the smartest animal other than primates

Crows could be the smartest animal other than primates

Christian Rutz, University of St Andrews says that “I don’t want to downplay Betty’s cognitive abilities.” “It forces us to reassess Betty’s intelligence at the very minimum.”

The corvid family includes New Caledonian Crows

They also include jackdaws and rooks as well as magpies, ravens, jays and magpies. The brains of these birds has been closely studied in recent years. It is clear that some birds have impressive cognitive abilities. Intelligence is a complicated subject. But what exactly is intelligence? What is its evolution?

Intelligence is rooted within the brain. The neocortex is a structure found in the brains of intelligent primates, including humans. This structure is believed to be responsible for advanced cognition. This structure is not found in Corvids. Instead, they have densely packed clusters neurons that give them similar mental abilities.

It doesn’t matter what kind of brain they have 

both corvids and primates have the same basic abilities in problem-solving, plasticity, and adaptability to new information and changes. This is an example convergent evolutionary, in which completely different evolutionary histories lead to the same feature.Humans are able to easily see the value of corvids’ abilities. We also rely on these abilities to identify people who may have been a threat to themselves or their group, and to communicate by using gestures . birds facts

Rutz is unequivocal. Rutz is unambiguous. He and his co-authors describe how New Caledonians search for a particular type of stem to make their hook tools in , a paper that was published earlier this year. Experiments revealed that even though stems were disguised with leaves of a different species, crows could find the stems

they wanted. It was clear that birds

chose the right material for the job, indicating that they were choosing the best material. A spanner would not be used to hammer in nails, would it?New Caledonians in the wild use their tools to remove insects from holes, such as tree trunks. This behavior was captured on camera.

It is possible to believe that certain animals are more intelligent than others, with humans at top of the tree. Humans do depend on intelligence for survival. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are the best at all mental tasks. According to

 Dakota McCoy from Harvard University 

Chimps have better memory than humans. This could help them remember where food is located within the forest canopy.When one considers the most important thing how an animal is adapted to its niche, ranking intelligence of animals becomes a futile exercise. Intelligence is a tool for specialization.

Rutz states that analysis of intelligence of crows “cannot be separated from the natural history” of an animal. New Caledonians, however, are not the only nonhuman species that have developed the ability to use tools. Other animals with this trait include parrots, alligators, chimpanzees and even crabs.

Although cognition can help an animal survive in its environmen

t, it is not the only way to make it do so. A giraffe uses its long neck to stretch its brain and access difficult-to-reach foods, while a crow does the same. Intelligent cogs are just another tool in evolution’s toolbox.However, intelligent animals may sometimes be able to perform tasks that are not required by nature.Chris Packham, a New Caledonian nicknamed 007, watches an artificially created puzzle consisting of eight steps in .

This seems to be a far cry from Betty’s simple hooked tool demonstration. It has been demonstrated that a crow can use its cognitive abilities to solve complex problems. This is a situation that the bird would not encounter in the wild, yet it excels at it. Although 007 knew the steps, it was still a challenge to solve them all in sequence. This is a sign that the bird can plan ahead. We don’t know if there are any other amazing things 007 or his fellow crows could do.

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