Crowds overflowing in Patuakhali river port, more misery in rain

Crowds overflowing in Patuakhali river port, more misery in rain

Eid holiday ended last Thursday. Many people are still returning to work after launching Eid with their relatives in the village. Due to this, there was an overflowing crowd of passengers at the launch terminal of Patuakhali river port on Saturday. The launches have been diverted from Patuakhali terminal to Dhaka ahead of schedule to avoid extra passengers and risks. Passengers suffered due to sudden rain while boarding the launch in a hurry.

According to Patuakhali river port sources, launches are the main means of transportation for the people of the southern region with Dhaka. People working in different parts of the country, including the capital Dhaka, have not come to the area to celebrate Eid for the last two years due to Corona. This year, the situation was normal and the presence of people returning home for Eid was also high. People are now returning to work after Eid.

Crowds overflowing in Patuakhali river port, more misery in rain

Though there were plans to run five launches daily from Patuakhali river port, the owners used to run three launches by syndicating among themselves. A few days before Eid, four launches were running. Due to the huge pressure of passengers on the occasion of Eid, nine launches were arranged on Saturday. People rushed to their families to share the joy of Eid. Even after returning to work at the end of Eid, they have to bear that suffering.

It was seen at the launch ground at noon that the launches were supposed to leave for Dhaka from 5:30 pm but the launches left the terminal from 2:30 pm. Of these, Chattar Khan-1, Awlad-6, Sundarbans-14, Kamal-1, Pubali-12, Kajal-6, Kuakata-1, A, R, Khan-1, Asa-Yawa-1, these 9 launches are full to the brim. Was.

Speaking to the passengers, it is learned that the passengers have been staying in the launch since morning by spreading their bed sheets. Many complained that the launches were full of passengers on cabins, decks, balconies and roofs, but did not leave. Wet in the rain, many are staying on the launch. They are going to be the victims of extreme misery

M Mohiuddin Khan, Deputy Director, Patuakhali River Port, said: We have already prepared for this thought. We have four more launches in addition to the five scheduled launches. So the launches will not be able to carry extra passengers. “If necessary, with the help of law enforcement, the launches have been arranged to leave the wharf ahead of schedule,” he said.

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