Crowds in Kamalapur for tickets after Iftar

Crowds in Kamalapur for tickets after Iftar

The counter for advance ticket sales on April 28 will open after another 13 hours. But the ticket seekers have gathered at Kamalapur railway station immediately after Iftar to confirm the tickets. Such a picture was seen there on Saturday (April 23) at around 6:30 pm.

It has been seen that after Iftar in front of the ticket counters on the Kamalapur railway station platform, the ticket seekers have spread their news papers and occupied their seats. Some came with friends, some with family members. Everyone has only one goal, to get the golden deer of Eid journey anyway.

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Ikhtiyar Uddin is one of them. He told Dhaka Post that he would have to go home with his family members, it would take 4 tickets. There is no transport more comfortable and safe than Eid train. So I have just come to confirm the ticket so that the family can reach at least safely even if it is difficult. Come and see that I am not alone, there are many more like me.


According to the Railways, tickets for April 26 were issued today (April 23). Similarly, tickets for April 26 will be available on April 24 (Sunday), tickets for April 29 will be sold on April 25 (Monday), tickets for April 30 will be sold on April 26 (Tuesday) and tickets for May 1 will be sold on April 26 (Wednesday).

Passengers will have to purchase tickets by displaying their NID-Birth Certificate at the photocopy counter to implement the slogan ‘Who owns the ticket, travels’.

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