Create your own group with a book club

Are you looking for a new way to improve your team’s skills?

  • Do you want a deeper understanding with other women in the industry?
  • Do you want to improve your business skills or your attitude towards success and money?
  • Create a business literature club.
  • The benefits of forming a book club for you and your team include:

General Education Choose the right book

And everyone will learn new ways to grow their business.

Understand the content well – preferably read it (in preparation) and discuss it with others. You improve your understanding by “studying” others and learning from them from a different perspective. You’ve injected it!

Learn more about each other – what you say helps you understand your colleagues better: their concerns, interests, responsibilities.

Choose who you invite. Take the time to think

About it strategically. You spend time with fellow members on a regular basis, so make sure you have a good time. Your options depend on your situation and your goals.

What if you are a team leader who wants to improve the skills of your team, backed by highly motivated mentors and mentors who are not reaching their potential? Surrounding yourself with top players usually helps everyone level up their game.

If you want to chat with other women in your industry, take a look at the list of women who have met the women you want to get to know better. These can be other team leaders or people in your lineup.

If you want experiential learning in addition

to direct book sales, you can create a book 강남풀싸롱 made up of women from diverse backgrounds. In my other folder, I went this way. I announced that a society has been formed at a networking event and anyone interested can contact us. Once you’ve decided who to invite, send us an invite explaining what it is, why you’re doing it, how it’s good for them, and when.

In this first email, you may also want to give directions to the stories. An important guideline is to consider confidentiality. Some conversations may reveal sensitive information, especially regarding money, so make sure their details are not shared outside the library.

Chapters are critical to success

. If you read the whole book in one sitting and then analyze it, you get a very superficial reading and a very superficial dialogue. Call the conversation regularly and set the same date and time. Once week fine. It can work well every other week. The longer it is, the less people will read and the easier it will be to remember what they read. If you want to increase team cohesion, improve your skills and help yourself deepen the book’s big content, try the business club. It’s a fun, easy and effective way to build your business! Select the scheduler and scheduler. There are two important parts here – both are simple. The most important thing is the moderator who leads and supports the discussion. It is vital that each meeting begin and end on time, and only the conductor can do so. The workshop also gives everyone a chance to speak.

Another important role is the organizer

, who organizes meetings, sends meeting reminders and manages team members.

Software is easier to configure. A planner can automate reminders with tools like Yahoo or Google Groups, or use Google Calendar or email software to schedule messages.

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