Cranes, the most loyal birds in the world, now include the third person in their relationship… The reason is very different than you might imagine!

Quite interesting things are happening in the world of birds. Known for being monogamous and, above all, devoted to their mates, some pairs of cranes are now notable for allowing a third bird to join them. However, the reason for this triple relationship is not ‘love’ or ‘mating’. So why?

Cranes are birds that are notorious for their romanticism. They live in pairs, dance and defend their territory together. When intruders approach their territory, they raise their beaks and sing loudly in one voice.The red-headed Sarus crane living in India is a very romantic bird just like other Crane Species. Sarus cranes, which are as tall as an adult human, are famous for being monogamous.

“Local legends say that when one of the birds dies, its mate flies away in grief,” said KS Gopi Sundar, a scientist at the Nature Conservation Foundation in India. But the reality is of course a little different.”

Behind these words of Sundar lies a discovery he made many years ago.

The Sarus crane is the longest flying bird in the world, with a wingspan of 240 centimeters and a length of 152-156 centimeters. These birds, whose head and neck are red, and whose body and legs are gray, weigh an average of 6.8 to 7.8 kilograms.

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