Crane Bird Information Lesson for Kids

Crane Bird Information Lesson for Kids

Are you able to tell the difference between a crane & a heron? Are you able to identify the tallest flying bird? Learn all you can about cranes to find out the answers to these and other questions. Updated: 10/12/2020

Ancient Birds

Are you able to think of animals that existed millions of years ago? cranes existed back then. Scientists have actually found fossils of early cranes within North America. There are 15 species or types of cranes and they can be found on every continent, except Antarctica and South America.

While some cranes will fly to warmer climates, others will stay at the same place all year. Cranes resemble egrets and herons, which are two large birds. These three birds all live in the same habitats, close to shallow water. Watching them fly is a good way to distinguish them. While cranes tend to keep their necks straight while flying, herons or egrets will pull theirs closer to their bodies.

Although each crane species is unique, they share some commonalities. Their long necks and long legs allow them to swim in shallow water. They can eat both plants and animals, and have sharp, knife-like teeth that can be used to stab fish. Cranes enjoy company and prefer to live with other cranes.  birds facts

Birds That Dance

They dance, which is a unique characteristic of cranes. They dance, even though there is no music.They do it because they want to attract a partner! To attract a partner! To attract a partner!

Different types of cranes

Let’s take a look at some of the 15 different crane species.

Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill cranes are found in North America. They are three to five feet in length and have brownish-gray feathers. Sandhill cranes are attracted to areas with freshwater wetlands. They build their nests on mounds within the wetlands. Nebraska was home to fossils of sandhill cranes. These fossils indicate that sandhill cranes existed between 2.6 million and 5.3million years ago. This could be evidence that sandhill birds are still alive today, as they are one of the oldest bird species known.

Black-Crowned Cranes

Black-crowned cranes are found in Africa. They can reach up to 3 feet in height and weigh as much as 8 pounds. They are predominantly black with red and white spots near their eyes, and white patches on the wings.The crown of a black-crowned crane is hard to miss! These cranes are covered in sandy-colored feathers, which seem to form a crown-like shape on their heads.

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