Corona infection on the rise, Air India cancels all flights to Hong Kong

Three people died in Corona in China on Monday, while strict rules on Corona have started in Hong Kong. The decision was taken by the Indian Airlines.

On Monday, China said three people had died in a single day in Corona in Shanghai. After a long time, Corona died again in China. In Hong Kong, on the other hand, the cowardly rules have started with the cowardly situation. Due to that rule, the Indian airline Air India has canceled all flights to and from Hong Kong for the time being.

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In a statement issued on Sunday, the airline said that all flights to and from Hong Kong on April 19 and 23 have been canceled for the time being due to the strictness of Hong Kong’s Covid restrictions and the lack of demand from India for Hong Kong at the moment. According to Hong Kong’s new Covid rules, passengers from India can only travel to Hong Kong if they have a Covid negative report 48 hours in advance.

Incidentally, China has long had a zero tolerance policy on corona. Even then, the worsening situation in Corona has raised concerns among Chinese residents. Earlier in January, the Hong Kong government imposed a two-week ban on flights to eight countries, including India. Apart from India, the eight countries included Britain, Australia, Canada, America, France, Pakistan and the Philippines. Hong Kong said at the time that the ban was due to a “sudden deterioration” in the local Kovid situation. This time too, the situation in China has started to worsen due to the deterioration of the Covid situation in Hong Kong.

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