Complete Guide for Spring Wardrobe Staples for Women

A new season calls for new seasonal wardrobe staples, and I’m so pleased to share my spring wardrobe staples for 2022 with you today! We started with my fall wardrobe staples in the fall, and you guys adored it and shopped it so much that there was no way we couldn’t do it again.

I don’t discriminate against any season; yet, there are certain clothing things that are unique to each season and make me eager to get dressed. Spring, on the other hand, may be my absolute favourite season after fall. Any opportunity to layer is a good excuse for me, and spring is full of them!

But first, if you’re not sure what wardrobe staples are or what products should be in one, here’s a quick refresher. A wardrobe staple is a small, carefully curated collection of versatile garment pieces that may be combined in an infinite number of ways. Wardrobe staples are frequently constructed with classic, timeless cutouts and styles and primarily consist of neutral colours such as black, white, tan, grey, and perhaps one or two seasonally suitable hues (in this case, olive!) for a distinctive pop.

For a variety of reasons, putting together a wardrobe of staples is a wise decision. For starters, you’ll save money because you won’t be tempted to buy something new or popular for every event that arises. Second, it challenges you to use your imagination to create unique looks from staple parts. Third, because you only have a limited number of options to choose from and know your spring capsule wardrobe’s colour palette like the back of your hand, your “getting ready” time is slashed in half! 

Wardrobe Staples

With that in mind, I’m sharing with you, today, my own spring wardrobe staples for 2022. Whether you work from home or in an office, are a stay-at-home mom, a woman in her forties or fifties, or are simply wanting to update your wardrobe, I’ll show you how to create spring wardrobe staples checklist and help you nail it! I can’t wait to see how you use mine to create your own spring wardrobe staples. Happy shopping, and a warm welcome to spring!

1.       Trench Coats

The trench coat is the trench coat of the season. At least, that’s how it looks in my wardrobe staples! With very little effort, a superb trench coat can transform your entire look. The one from AKIRA is particularly appealing because it features a detachable hood, which is rarely seen and is really useful!

2.       Utility Jackets

An excellent utility jacket (called by its soft olive green tone and hardware) may be worn with a variety of tops and bottoms throughout the spring (over a white tank with denim shorts and attractive shoes?!). The olive pop I mentioned in my introduction; while olive gives a flash of colour to your wardrobe staples, it’s still a pretty neutral tone that goes with everything.

3.       Tan Blazer

Favourite Daughter’s slim-fit blazer from Nordstrom is a great option. The particular piece’s angled pockets create a flattering fit and mysteriously draw your waist in a little further. It’s the ideal blazer for a midriff Zoom call—no one will notice if you’re wearing pantyhose or loungewear underneath because the blazer will distract them!

4.       Denim Jacket

A killer denim jacket is a must-have for any spring wardrobe outfit, and this is it. For a reason, Levi’s ex-boyfriend’s trucker jacket has been a fan favourite for years; it’s the ideal denim jacket for every occasion! For a lightweight layered spring style, layer it over tees and tanks with jeans, shorts, or midi skirts.

5.       Sweater Blazer

This is the blazer for you if you’ve been looking for the perfect workwear blazer. Because it’s halfway between the two, Baltini refers to it as a sweater blazer, and it’s the ideal layering piece for the changing seasons (i.e. fall to spring). The white for spring is both playful and professional, so you can wear it to work or to brunch on the weekend; it’s so adaptable, that it goes with almost anything.

6.       Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt

Because it’s the ultimate button-up shirt, Fiorucci shirts are still one of FahsionSaviour’s best-selling items for years. It’s casual but stylish, has a little oversized fit, and is machine washable, allowing you to wear and wash it as much as you want. In spring wardrobe staples, a nice black button-up tee may go a long way.

7.       Button-Up Shirt

I can’t tell you the number of times compliments I received on Ivory Ella’s French Blue button-up shirt when I wore it the other week. It’s the most subdued blue, so it appears neutral but has a hint of personality. Bring it to life by tucking it into your favourite pair of jeans for a timeless look. For a 15% sitewide discount on your Ivory Ella order, use the Ivory Ella Coupon Code.

8.       Cotton Fisherman Sweater

Joules USA Fisherman sweaters are everything. As a lightweight layering piece for spring, I enjoy the 100 per cent cotton version. The cotton sweater is essential for spring, whether it’s worn with denim shorts, trousers, or jeans, or put over your shoulders! For a discount on your Joules USA order, use the code from FashionSaviour.

9.       Midi Dress

The best blank canvas for every spring ensemble is this black midi dress. It may be dressed up with shoes and a sweater blazer, or down with sneakers and Levi’s denim jacket. It’s such a simple dress that you can walk around in any, the style you like depending on the occasion. Likewise, it’s so comfortable that you could wear it to the airport with just a pair of sneakers and a hooded jacket.

10.   Wide Leg Trousers

A pair of wide-leg, comfortable trousers is a must-have for your spring wardrobe staples. Eyes, Volcom Eco Cupro trousers are stunning and, as the company puts it on its website, “more sophisticated than pj’s, but just as comfy.” Some are tan, and yet they’re perfect with a ribbed tank top and slides.

11.   Joggers

I adore joggers and believe them a must-have item in any outfit, but especially in the spring. These GAP pull-on joggers come in the right green and are comfortable to wear and style in a variety of ways: with heels for a dressier look, mules for a more sophisticated look, or sandals for a more casual look! Checkout RedeemOnSports.

12.   Layering Tops

For spring, there’s a lot to be said for a well-made ribbed tank top. My particular favourite by Treasure & Bond is this one. I understand how easy it is to tuck into a pair of skinny jeans or even a skirt, throw on a blazer or jacket, and have a wonderful ensemble. It perfectly accentuates your cheekbones and natural waist.

No of the season, a very well, elevated, perfectly white tee is a must-have for every wardrobe staple. This is the nicest white tee I’ve ever had, and I have a spare just in case! Investing in a versatile essential like this is crucial when developing your wardrobe staples.

In your 2022 spring wardrobe staples, a well-fitting black and white striped tee will lend itself to a plethora of beautiful ensembles. A striped shirt may be worn with denim, slacks, skirts, and pretty about any outerwear you can think of.

13.   Essential Jeans

White jeans are a must-have item for your spring capsule wardrobe! Citizens of Humanity’s Charlotte High Rise straight jeans are the greatest white denim I’ve ever owned. They’re quite flattering, durable, and high-quality. If you’re putting together your spring wardrobe, these are a must-have.

Light-wash jeans are a no-brainer for spring. Tuckernuck’s Perfect Vintage loose fit jeans are my favourites. They stretch, making them quite snug fit all day. They’re just wonderful, and the subtle wash is the ideal tone!

14.   Shorts

I adore denim shorts just as much as the next stylish lady. I also like non-denim shorts since they provide me with more alternatives and allow me to experiment with other appearances. AGOLDE’s Parker Long Loose Vintage shorts are my top selection for iconic denim (I don’t wish I had taken these off last spring/summer). I’m pretty sure I slept in them!). These incredibly high-waisted fitted pleated shorts from Express are perfect for a non-denim short. They’re very cute, and they’re a great alternative for a dinner date if you’re not in the mood for denim or skirts right now!

15.   Shoes

Let’s chat about 2022’s should indeed spring wardrobe staples, sneakers.

The first item on the list is sneakers. Over the last few years, my fascination with sneakers has reached new heights. It was difficult, though, to pick just one star for my spring capsule outfit. But I finally settled on Isabel Marant’s Beth velcro leather sneakers as my new passion. In the spring, what could be better than velcro sneakers?! And they’re just as lovely as they are comfortable.

I can’t recommend Casadei’s square toe, two-strap high-heeled shoe more for a more sophisticated look. They’re quite comfortable and run true to size. I already have black, beige, toffee, and white in my collection. It’s quite flattering and comfortable! For a discount, use the code from OffOnShoes.

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