Coins worth10,000 are not approved

Coins worth10,000 are not approved

When you go abroad without the permission of Bangladesh Bank, you can take with you the amount of 10 thousand dollars. Anyone from abroad can keep up to 10,000 or the equivalent in another currency without announcing it to the customs authorities. There is no obstacle in this case. .........

Bangladesh Bank said in a statement on Tuesday (May 10). The central bank has issued this notification to remove the confusion created among the people.

From now on, expatriates can easily open foreign currency accounts in any bank of the country.Besides, you can take the equivalent of 10 thousand dollars with you when you go abroad. No approval of Bangladesh Bank is required for this. You don’t even have to make an announcement to the customs authorities.

Bangladesh Bank says the status of these locally operated foreign currency accounts can be cashed in free money. Expatriates / Non-Residents from abroad can take with them in the form of maximum ড 5,000 notes from their account status and other foreign currencies as required subject to account status when leaving Bangladesh.

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