Coach warning of ‘unfit’ cricketers

Many fans were saying about Ronaldo that the team did not benefit by bringing back a star who had passed away. CR Seven has given ashes to their faces! Gave a great hat-trick in the English Premier League.

Thanks to his three goals, United kept their chances of playing in the Champions League alive by beating Norwich City 3-2 at home. This was Ronaldo’s 50th hat-trick in his club career.

Ronaldo has played for Sporting, United, Real Madrid and Juventus in his nearly two-decade professional career. He scored the most 44 hat-tricks in Real’s jersey. He did three for Juventus and three for United.

Ronaldo scored against Norwich in 6, 32 and 6 minutes. Norwich did not leave either. Kiren Dowell and Timu Pukki’s goals helped them fight until the last minute.

But the last smile was on the face of Ronaldo and his team. With this victory, Manchester United has risen to number five in the table. They have 54 points in 32 matches. Tottenham Hotspur have 58 points in four matches.

United were the only team to win on Saturday evening among the teams battling spot number four. Tottenham lost 1-0 at home to Brighton & Hove Albion.

Arsenal, the middle-order team hoping to play in Europe, lost by the same margin at Southampton.

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