Close to many channels, websites, this app is known to rely on the Russians to get the ‘real’ news of the war

Lots of people are downloading this messaging app. About 4.5 million Russians have downloaded the app on their smartphones since the start of the war.

The Russia-Ukraine war lasted for two months. In the wake of the war, the Putin government has imposed a number of restrictions on various news channels from the media. But ordinary people in Russia are curious about the war. In this case, they are relying on a familiar app. There is talk of war going on. Journalists are also writing there. News is being served on OiaApp. The name of the app is Telegram.

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Over the past two months, the number of Dubai-based messaging app users has skyrocketed. About 4.5 million Russians have downloaded the app on their smartphones since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. According to a report by a company called Censor Tower, this app has been downloaded on about 12 crore smartphones in Russia since 2014.

Russian journalist Farida Rustamovai first started covering the war in an app on the Telegram. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, Russia’s opposition to the decision, the war situation — these are the issues covered by the journalist in his reports. After Faridar’s first report, the number of his subscribers became 22,000.

There are more examples. The deputy editor opened his Telegram account after the radio station Echo of Moscow closed last month. It is claimed that the number of his listeners has doubled. According to another Russian journalist, the Telegram app is the only medium where the country’s residents are discussing the war independently. In fact, after the ban on using apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., Telegram has become one of the most popular apps in Russia. However, it is alleged that this app is also trying to monitor. Here too the administration is trying to bring a ban.

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