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Client – Side Development Technologies

In this article , we shall gonna read various client side development technologies

Client side technology that is also referred as a Frontend development technology is one of the most vital thing for web development. There business owners or developers should focus on choossing the best client side techniques for their frontend. So, today we will look on some of the most demanding technologies like Jquery, Javascript, Ajax ,Angular, Vue , CSS and React.

All these are the frontend development technologies , so lets look out them in detail.


Javascript has been around in the world since decades. It is one of the most emerging technologies right now. It is well kwon server-side technology which can be easily embedded in HTML codes and it works seamlessly with various other backend programming languages.

JS is popular because of it’s large community support and many companies sometimes find it difficult to hire Javascript developers for their projects.The interesting fact is it has been used by 97% of all the websites overall. So, now you can imagine how much it is popular language.


CSS is also known as Cascading style sheet which was realeased in 1996 by W3C. It is the most used frontend technology, for controlling the layout of the web development. It takes the form of small text document and defines the shapes, arrangements as well as appearance of different web pages.


HTML starts for Hypertext Markup Languages , and it was first developed in 1993. This language is used for developing web pages, web sites and web apps. This language is so simple , for which it becomes the excellent choice for programming career. The syntax is so simple , that can be written easily.

Angular JS

Angular is an open-source language and it has become popular after the realease in 2016. Angular helps the developer to build interactive applications and dynamic websites with useful functions. It is the best platform for building interactive mobile and web applications.

Vue JS

Vue js is an open-source Javascript frontend framework based on model view -view controller architecture. It is one of the best frontend framework for building interactive user applications. It is best consider for developing single-page applications. It even offers functionality to HTML applications. It provides built-in directives and user-defined directives. It has one beneficial features like active data binding. It is easy to learn and deploy applications.


JQuery is a small Javascript file which can be easily embedded in a web document of project files. It adds several interactive features to the Javascript. It offers features like animations, event handling, Ajax much simpler with easy to use API that works across multiple browsers. It offers versatility and extensiblity , it has changed the way that millions of people loves to work with Javascript.

React JS

React js is a declarative and efficient Javascript library that lets you to build the view layer of an applications. It was initially developed and maintained by Facebook. Whatsapp and Netflix are the famous applications of React JS. The main objective of React js is to develop user interfaces which improves the speed of an applications.

The Conclusion

These are the most demanding frontend technologies and most loved by developers. You can use any of these for developing interactive and unique web applications.

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