City-Liverpool are like Mourinho-Guardiola’s Real-Barca

No coach wants to admit it openly. What if Kufa gets admitted?

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Whether it is Kufa or not, Manchester City and Liverpool are both teams facing unique achievements. Liverpool, who have already won the League Cup this season, still have a chance to win the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League. The CTO is not far behind. Although Carabao did not win the cup, their chances of winning the other three titles are equal. If City win three titles, they will set a record for winning the ‘Treble’, a feat that no one else has but Manchester United. And if Liverpool wins all the other titles, it will make more unforgettable history যে the glory of winning the ‘Quadruple’ that no English club has shown before.

However, neither City coach Pep Guardiola nor Liverpool coach Jর্গrgen Klopp are talking about this treble-quadruple. That is, if Kufa is caught!

But it is also true that the path to such an unforgettable achievement will not be easy. These two teams are currently arguably the two toughest opponents in football. City and Liverpool will face each other in the FA Cup, Premier League. There is a possibility of facing in the Champions League. One team will die at the hands of another team’s dream, in each tournament another team appears to spread thorns in the side of the team. The two teams will face each other at Wembley today in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Needless to say, in the Premier League, the two teams with equal aces met each other once last week, where Liverpool drew 2-2 at City.

In other words, the two teams have to play three important matches in three competitions a month apart. The match, which has recently been dubbed the ‘Clিকsico’ of English football, could be three times in a row যেন a blessing not only for the fans of the two teams, but also for the neutral football fans. Pep Guardiola himself is igniting this tension. To him, it doesn’t seem to be less exciting than the Barcelona-Real Madrid ‘El Clিকsico’.

In April-May of the 2010-11 season, Real Madrid and Barcelona played four consecutive matches in 16 consecutive days. Four times in 16 days, Guardiola had to plan to thwart Jose Mourinho’s tactics. This is exactly what happened to Guardiola this time around. We played four times against Madrid ten days apart (actually 18). This is the second time in my career. I am fighting against the same team again and again. ‘

However, in three of the four matches of the service, Guardiola’s Barcelona turned the stick on Mourinho’s Real. The league drew the match, winning the Champions League final with two legs. Mourinho Real’s only win, of course, in the final of the Copa del Rey!

Although Guardiola’s Bar্সa Mourinho has played four times in 18 days against Real Madrid, this time the club does not have to play many matches against Liverpool in such a short period of time. City-Liverpool will be able to play a maximum of three matches against each other at this stage of the season, one of which has already taken place. The second episode will be staged today. It remains to be seen whether the third round will be staged at all until the end of the Champions League semi-finals. Only after winning their respective matches will Klopp-Guardiola get a chance to compose the last episode of their possible ‘trilogy’.

Waiting for the second episode for now. Mancha FA Cup semifinals. Wembley ready. Ready Liverpool-CTO.

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