Choose The Best Antivirus For Your Computer

There are many antivirus programs available. You can’t trust a poor-quality security system to protect your computer. We will be comparing the most popular antivirus programs, Avast and Windows Defender. Continue reading to learn more.

An Introduction To Windows Defender

Windows Defender Antivirus, also known as Windows Defender, is an anti-malware program. It is part of Windows. It scans files immediately after they are opened on your computer. unsubscribe avast account To scan files for viruses or malware, you don’t have to open the program.

Avast: An introduction

Avast is a popular choice for optional antivirus programs. This program is used in more than 438 million countries. Avast can be installed on your Windows PC or laptop for free to protect against malware, viruses, and other cyber threats. A paid version is also available.

Security-Related Features

WD offers all you need in terms of security features. It protects your system in real-time and includes a firewall.

Avast on the other hand comes with advanced security features such as boot-time scan, full scan, and smart scan. Antivirus For Your ComputerThe Wifi Inspector feature can be used to detect suspicious WiFi networks that could cause damage to your computer. Other great features include the Rescue Disk, Gaming Mode, and Password Management.

Resource Consumption

Each Antivirus offers real-time protection with minimal resource consumption. Avast is a little more resource-intensive than WD, but it provides a much higher level of security.


Windows Defender’s user interface is much easier to understand and navigate. Avast’s interface is a bit more complicated, but it is still easy to understand. Avast also displays ads that encourage users to upgrade to the paid version. This can be annoying. WD’s UI is much better than Avast’s.


Avast features: Avast has the best features. WD only offers the basic features you’d find in most antiviruses. Avast has advanced features that aren’t available in Windows Defender.

Avast offers: A better deal in terms of resource consumption. Many tests have shown that Avast is a lightweight software.

Protection: Avast provides better protection against cyber threats and viruses.

UI: WD has a better UI than Avast. It’s simple to navigate between different settings and features. Avast’s interface is a little confusing.


Avast is better than Windows Defender, based on the comparisons we made in this article. This guide should help you make the right choice. Make sure that your computer has enough resources to run Avast.

Yesterday, a friend of mine complained to me that her antivirus was not working after she removed Avast AntiVirus From Control Panel Add/ Remove Programs. Antivirus For Your Computer She tried downloading Avast Uninstall Utility, but no luck. Finally, I was able to help her uninstall Avast completely without having to send it to the repair shop. Follow my steps and you will be successful!

Uninstall Avast Through Windows Add/Remove Programs

To begin with, I reinstalled Avast AntiVirus to allow me to uninstall Avast using Windows Add/ Remove programs.

  1. Reboot your computer by pressing the F8 Key
  2. Select Safe Mode with Arrow keys, and then hit the Enter Key
  3. Click on the Start menu, then Control Panel
  4. Double-click Add/Remove Programs to navigate Avast
  5. To uninstall it, click “Remove”.

After uninstalling Avast, I was still able to see the Alwil folder. I was unable to add/remove programs so I had to edit and remove its registry entries. avast cancel subscription refund It’s possible that I don’t know the location of its registry entries or which registry entries belong to Avast. It would cause her more problems if I deleted registry entries from other programs. I looked for uninstalling programs and compared their capabilities. We finally decided to uninstall Avast using Perfect Uninstaller. It can force Avast to be removed.

Force Uninstall With Avast AntiVirus And Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller will forcefully uninstall corrupted or partially-uninstalled programs that Windows Add/ Remove Programs cannot. It can also backup and restore your registry before uninstalling. This greatly reduces the chance of causing damage to your system registry. Antivirus For Your Computer The powerful scanner can detect and delete all files associated with the program, saving us a lot of time and effort.

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