Charm EHR Review – Pricing, Features, and Integrations

Interested in Charm EHR for your practice? Read on to learn more about its features, pricing, and integrations. Charm EHR has been certified HIPAA compliant and is hosted in data centers with strict security standards. All communication between users and the system is encrypted with SSL 128 bit encryption. Its low maintenance and pay-as-you-go pricing model ensures high service availability. Compared to paper medical records, Charm EHR saves time and money, while offering a number of advantages.

Review of Charm EHR

In this Charm EHR review, I will cover some of the positive aspects of the system. One of the key strengths is its ease of use. This software is user-friendly and easy to learn, but there are also some negative points to consider. While it is relatively inexpensive, you will probably want to consider other factors, such as the design, ease of use, and customer support. Charm’s customer support isn’t “real time,” but they are very helpful.

Among the features of the Charm EHR are an integrated patient portal, which makes it easier for patients to request appointments or fill out pre-visit questionnaires online. It also adheres to HIPPA and HITECH Act regulations. The system has a variety of other advantages as well, including a secure communication channel with patients. It also has good reviews on customer support forums. It has several user-friendly features, which make it an ideal choice for doctors.


Aside from the ease of use, ChARM EHR also offers several other features. Its medical billing service and secure practitioner-patient messaging are two of its notable features. Additionally, ChARM EHR is certified by ONC-ATCB and HIPPA-compliant. This makes it a great choice for medical professionals in a variety of specialties. ChARM EHR is easy to use and supports many types of data and file formats.

With the integration of Charm Connect with Charm EHR, clinicians can have contextual conversations within the workflow of their EHR. For example, a provider can initiate a conversation from within an Encounter, while front office staff can do so from within the Calendar section. Other sections also support Contextual Chat. Contextual chat is tied to the context and is displayed when the record is accessed. In addition to these features, Charm EHR also offers email support for physicians and support for a growing ecosystem of integration partners.


While Charm EHR pricing is comparable to that of other similar solutions, the main differences are in the types of features available. Charm EHR features oncology EMR, practice management platform, and an ecosystem of integration partners. The software also manages accounting operations, transactional records, and billing. Additionally, it comes with a mobile application that lets patients communicate with providers. While Charm EHR pricing is similar to other similar products, it may vary based on your needs.

Pricing is determined by the number of contacts you create per month. There are three plans: Provider, Enterprise, and Personal. Each one offers different features and costs, and a provider should weigh these factors when choosing which plan is right for them. The company also offers customized quotes, so you can choose the best one for your needs. You can also contact Charm EHR support for more information on pricing. The company has also launched a free trial version.


Integrations with Charm EHR are available in a variety of ways. It is possible to integrate with your practice’s Google calendar, secure practitioner-patient messaging, and inventory management. There are several plans, each with its own set of features and pricing. Each option includes online support and medical billing. You can also choose between a Personal and Provider plan based on your needs and budget. Charm EHR also offers an in-house lab to draw specimens for laboratory tests. This feature allows you to place orders for lab tests electronically and receive results electronically.

Charm EHR also has an integrated patient intake form. You can access patient information from wherever they work and access their records from any device. Charm also includes a suite of clinical decision support features that assist you with patient care. Charm also provides access to 70000+ pharmacies through its Charm Connect module. This module helps you streamline your workflow by allowing you to electronically order prescriptions and request lab tests through an integrated system. Other integrated features include patient flowsheets, scanning, efax, and text/voice notifications.

Integrations with QuickBooks

Choosing between Elation EMR and Charm EHR is a difficult task, especially when the cost of Elation is considerably lower than Charm’s. However, both systems have their own benefits and drawbacks. Elation is designed for small businesses, while Charm is geared toward large companies. Here’s a closer look at the differences between Charm EHR and Elation. Weigh your options carefully before making a decision.

ChARM’s robust feature set includes the ability to integrate with major labs using an HL7 interface. Other notable features include e-prescribing and patient pick-up at the pharmacy. You can also integrate Charm with a digital scale, which transmits patient health vitals directly to the EHR. You can sync this information with your practice’s Google Calendar and QuickBooks. It also has an inbuilt e-commerce component.

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In-house pharmacy module

The In-house pharmacy module in Charm EHR is an integral part of the software, allowing clinics to manage their medications and supplements, dispense and track stock levels, and communicate with patients after office visits. The system includes tools to customize prescriptions and configure reorder thresholds. The software also provides a comprehensive list of drug interactions. The system also offers best-in-class collaboration features, which allow users to communicate with patients post-office visits and share educational materials, and schedule follow-up appointments seamlessly.

A PHR is an electronic medical record ideally suited for long-form intake forms. The ChARM EHR offers an iPad-based Patient Check-in kiosk for walk-in patients to fill out their medical and treatment histories. The physician can then view this information and make an informed decision during a consultation. The software also has a comprehensive personal health data management tool, which enables practice staff to enter a patient’s history and prescribe medication.



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