Caroline Forbes Was The MVP Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

The MVP Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

12 ways Caroline was the greatest thing that could have happened for “TVD”:

In the role of Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert in The Deep Sleep, Caroline Forbes has become the anchor that holds the show together. We’re aware of our tendency to make statements that are hyperbolic on MTV News, but Care is without doubt the most effective. Do you need evidence? Here are 12 ways Caroline was the greatest thing that could have happened for “TVD”:

She showed how crazy she could get.

On the “TVD” pilot, we have a decent understanding of Caroline’s erratic behavior, which is extremely neurotic. she talks to Bonnie everything about the latest boy who is in the town. Stefan Salvatore. “His name is Stefan Salvatore. He lives with his uncle up at the old Salvatore boarding house. He hasn’t lived here since he was a kid. Military family, so they moved around a lot. He’s a Gemini and his favorite color is blue.” This was only the information she gathered “between third and fourth period.” When Bonnie asked her about her motives, Care laughed and replied, “We’re planning a June wedding.” We’re not knocking the girl’s determination.

When she was asking Damon why he doesn’t sparkle.

When Damon came to Mystic Falls, Caroline set her sights on Stefan’s older and more mysterious brother. In the same way, he set the sights of herjust for superficial, blood-sucking purposes. In the show “Family Ties,” when Caroline was informed that Damon was vampire-like and asked him “Hey, how come you don’t sparkle?” This was the moment that we became infatuated with Caroline and haven’t looked back since.

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She got kissed by Matt Donovan.

There was something very sweet that was so innocent about Caroline and Matt’s romance. It is the first time that we saw Caroline really in love and it was truly sweet.

Then she became a vampire.

Caroline did not have a lot of things to accomplish in Season 1, however the moment Katherine Pierce “killed” her in the finale of the season with Damon’s vampire blood her system , and made to a vampire her character was completely redesigned (pun meant). The twist was not only unpredictably shocking and shocking, it also gave Caroline the character “TVD” wanted to root for.

The moment she panicked and killed a person at first.

What was perhaps more surprising was her bond with Stefan which would grow after she was resurrected from her dead state. Like many newly-turned vampires, Caroline lost her chill following her first killing. Damon was determined to take her down but Stefan was the hero, washed the blood off of her nervous, terrified face and gave her some words of wisdom from the vampire world: “I promise you I will not let anything happen to you.” From the beginning, Stefan and Caroline were crying.

She went on a rabbit hunt with Stefan.

“Now you want me to eat bunnies and I’m kinda freaking out, OK?” Same, Caroline. Same. If vampirism really amplifies one’s best qualities, it just added Caroline Forbes more clever and remarkable.

The moment Caroline faced Damon at the carnival, Damon was apprehensive.

Another result of vampirism? Recalling everything you were forced to forget when you were being a human. When Caroline Forbes became a vampire in the start season 2, she recalled all the things Damon was able to do to her in his human form. Naturally, when she confronted Damon in the Mystic Falls carnival the night before to relay Katherine’s message we were 100% #TeamCaroline.

She was able to save Elena From Mason Lockwood.

The Salvatores weren’t the only ones trying to protect Elena safe from harm. A new threat arrived in town in person of Tyler’s uncle Mason Lockwood, it was Caroline who stood up to shield her friend. And she completely kicked him in the butt. Werewolf strength isn’t a factor for Caroline Forbes, especially when her best friend may be at risk.

She compelled her mother to remember.

When Liz first learned of her daughter’s secrets during Season 2 she wasn’t in the mood for the whole vampire idea. She had fantasies for her daughter, but they did not include growing fangs or eating people. But despite her prejudices, when she saw how being a vampire resulted in Caroline an even stronger person (undead and not), Liz finally accepted Caroline. She promised to not reveal her identity. However, Caroline was aware that she could not risk her friends’ lives in this way, so she made her mother forget, and we cried silently.

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She performed “Eternal Flame” for Matt.

What if ugly-cry moments had been meant to make you sad? The Season 2 scene found Caroline performing on stage at Mystic Grill. Mystic Grill to tell Matt what she was feeling about Matt. Caroline is a risk-taker with her heart and when she decided to form to join a band as a backup and began the song “Eternal Flame,” the emotion couldn’t have been more obvious. Then, Matt rushed to give Caroline an unforgettable kiss and we wept all the tears of joy.

When Caroline kept her close to Tyler during his first transformation into a werewolf.

She gave up her security to protect Tyler when she needed him the most. Friends, particularly those like Care Bear are made of.

When she saved her father from Damon.

“I’m stronger than you, little girl,” Damon was sarcastic with her as she tried to save her father from Damon’s grasps. “Well I’m angrier,” Caroline replied. Then she smacks her head in the face. Thrive, Caroline, thrive!

She begged her father to live.

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