Car Air Compressors- Why Do You Need One?

While driving a car, no one likes to get stuck in the middle of the road. This mainly happens during a flat tyre or a punctured tyre. This is an annoying experience when you’re running late or on a long drive. In this case, the best solution would be to invest in car air compressors. It can come in handy during emergencies, enabling you to inflate the tyres easily.

What Are Car Air Compressors?

It is a small, portable gadget that helps to inflate a flat or punctured tyre. For the latter case, you should also have a puncture repair kit and car foot pump. A tyre inflator, however, may be the ideal replacement for large, cumbersome compressors. 

You may get the desired tyre pressure back by plugging the tyre inflator into the 12V power socket. Additionally, some tyre inflators include a variety of additional functions, including a digital display, flashlight, or latest car accessories.

What Features Must You Look Out For?

  • The pressure gauge on the majority of tyre inflators is either a dial or a digital gauge. You may choose whoever suits you best, but a digital tyre inflator will undoubtedly cost more money. Some even feature a flashlight that you may use when working at night. Some include warning lights to let approaching motorists know a car is stopped on the side of the road.
  • You may program it to turn off specific models when inflating the tyre. This is because the tyre inflators connecting to your cigarette lighter are convenient. However, battery-operated car air compressors are more portable. So you must be sure to maintain your batteries regularly even when the device is not in use.
  • The airflow is a further consideration before purchasing one. A decent alternative is to get a tyre inflator with a 35 L/min airflow. This should work for quickly getting a regular 15-inch automobile tyre up to 32 psi. Less powerful tyre inflators are inexpensive but may take up to 15 minutes to inflate one tyre on your automobile.
  • A tyre inflator with an airflow rate of more than 35L per minute will require more power. Most vehicle lighter sockets are set up at 12V and 15amp. If your inflator has a 45L or 60L air flow, you’ll need to connect it directly to a car battery.

These are some of the things to keep in mind while choosing a tyre inflator. You need to be conscious of what’s vital to you. There are various models to pick from, each with its features and specifications.

Advantages of Tyre Inflator for Your Car

  • Portable & Easy to carry – The car air compressors are small, compact, and portable. You can carry it around easily and store it in the car’s boot space. In addition, it comes with storable compartments to store the valves and cables. 
  • Cost-effective – Low tyre pressure can reduce the mileage and increase fuel consumption. With the skyrocketing fuel price, you can save money with an inflator. In addition, they help to keep the tyre pressures in check and extend its life. 
  • Saves Time – Getting stranded on the road when you’re running late is an annoying experience. This is when a portable tyre compressor comes in handy. 
  • Safety – In case of emergency, the tyre inflator ensures safety. You do not need to wait for a mechanic in the middle of a desolate road in case of a breakdown.
  • User-friendly– You have several reasons to purchase car air compressors, and you cannot dispute how simple they are to operate.

You might be wondering what would happen if you overfilled your tyre. The auto cut-off feature is present on all automobile tyre inflators. That implies that once the tyre reaches the desired tyre pressure, the inflator will automatically stop working. This makes using your car’s tyre inflator risk-free for everyone.

How Often Should You Check the Tyres?

The pressure somewhat rises when your tyres warm up after driving. Therefore, you must test your tyres every two weeks and do it when they are cold. Underinflated tyres by 15 psi (1 bar) can increase fuel consumption by 6%. It can also increase the stopping distance by 5 metres while travelling at 56 mph.

Check the condition of each tyre simultaneously. It includes the amount of tread remaining and the presence of any cracks or bulges causing them to rupture. Less than 1.6mm of tread must surround the centre of the tyre. It should cover three-quarters of its surface area. Placing a 20p coin in the grooves is one fast technique to determine your legitimacy. Your tyres will likely need replacement soon if the border is still discernible on the side touching the tyre.

So, having car air compressors at hand can be beneficial in the long run. Moreover, if you are looking such portable inflators, browse through CarOrbis’s online store. They are emerging car parts and accessory store. Here you will find affordable equipment at the best price.

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