Call for resistance against environmentalists

Awami League Joint General Secretary and Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud has termed those who are destroying the environment in various ways as enemies of the country and the nation. He called upon the people of all walks of life to work for the protection of the environment.

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The information minister made the call while addressing a seminar on ‘Securing Ecosystems to Protect the Earth’ on the occasion of ‘World Earth Day 2022’ at Nirdap Auditorium in the capital on Friday (April 22). The seminar was organized by the sub-committee on forest and environment of Awami League.

Hasan Mahmud said, ‘We are the owners of this world but not only us, from small ants to other animals also own it. We are using all the resources of the world for our needs. But, we are not worried about our needs in the future. Once upon a time, dinosaurs invaded the earth. That dinosaur is extinct. ‘

‘The world is warming up today. This temperature is rising, it is rising because of us. Not only are temperatures rising, sea levels are rising, ice is melting, there are many more negative reactions. These are happening due to global warming.

Noting that the people of the country are not aware of protecting the environment, he said, ’20 million people live in Dhaka city. Everyone thinks that it is the responsibility of the city corporation to keep it clean. In this way, it is not possible to keep a city livable in any way.

Criticizing the arbitrary use of polythene, the minister said, “I myself never use polythene. There is a law banning polythene. But, now everything is given polythene. After conducting the expedition for some time, it disappeared into the air again. If people did not take polythene, then polythene would not come. People need to be made aware. Otherwise, nothing will be saved. ‘

Calling on the people to take care of the environment, Hasan Mahmood said, Those who are big industrialists, those who do not keep nature in mind along with their industrial production, those who are hitting the river; They are the enemies of the nation. We have to build resistance against them.

Awami League Forest and Environment Sub-Committee Chairman Prof. Atil Rahman, Executive Director, Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies, presented the keynote address at the seminar, which was chaired by Bazlul Haque Khandaker.

Former Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University Professor Dr. also spoke at the seminar. Nasrin Ahmed, Bangladesh Council of Science and Industrial Research Chairman Prof. Aftab Ali Sheikh, Bangladesh Open University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mahbuba Nasrin, President of Dhaka Journalists Union Sohail Haider Chowdhury.

Awami League Secretary for Forests and Environment and member secretary of the sub-committee Delwar Hossain gave a welcome speech on the occasion.

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